Wednesday, April 12, 2006


I Must Be Dreaming, Please Stop Screaming

I get the keys to the house tomorrow.

Nothing is packed. I've moved the hydro (electrical service) and oh my dog I don't know if I have to get gas hooked up or not because I don't know how the place is heated and I haven't moved the phone or cable and I don't think I can afford movers for this weekend and aaaAAAaahhhh!


So apart from that everything's under control.

Heading to the post office now, to re-mail the package of stitch markers that came back to me because it would seem I can't address anything correctly.

I made five new sets last night, so they'll be up shortly. Because, you know, every girl should be trying to do business while packing her house and screaming.

I wonder if there's any demerol left ...

Oooh. Demerol.

If I wasn't headed to the ex-laws for Easter, I would drive in the other direction to help you move.

That, and all I have is the itty bitty Saturn. That will fit 1/18th of your yarn/fiber stash...
You didn't save some just for this kind of situation!?!! Congrats on the house, girl!
*lmao* C just read this post over my shoulder. He read it outloud in a sort of "lispy, pompous housewife" voice. It was hillarious! I'm not sure I can read even the most serious of your entries from now on without laughing my ass off imagining that voice!
Ugh, good luck. I'm moving this Saturday too, but thankfully it's just across the driveway and we can walk with all my crap. I'm waaaay not ready either, and have schoolwork and knitting patterns to finish writing (already late) and meetings and crapola to do between now and then. Sorry to tell you that I've already got the Hockey Mom family booked, you'll have to find some other knit blogger with teenaged boys to help you move. Mwahahaha.

Also: there aren't many things about living in the southern US that are better than living in Canada, but back in Londonontario I moved eleven times in twelve years and there was always a huge delay to get my hydro and gas and whatnot switched over. I'm moving Saturday and just called them all today, and it's no problem, they can do it tomorrow! Crazy. I love that.
You seem relatively calm for such short notice.
Can you move in batches of things over a few days, or do you need to exit the current place as quickly?
Good luck.
Argh, if I lived closer I would be there in a second with boxes, imperiously directing the packing. I'm a frightfully organized mover. Personal best was everything moved in 1.5 hours, involving a fleet of 10 vehicles, none rented.
Were those my stitch markers? Can't wait to use them. Good luck on your move!
Glad to hear you sounding so composed.

Take a deeep breath. It'll work out. Really. You know you can do it because you have to.
Hold off on the Demerol. It could impair your judgement and impede your moving progress. When the last box is moved into your new digs, celebrate (wink wink) and rejoice in your NEW STUDIO!! Dammmm ... I'm green with envy here!
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