Sunday, April 09, 2006


Have You Ever ...

... been wrangling a porcupine? Or perhaps knitting something using five dpns for the first time in your life, using charcoal grey Magpie? Maybe making a hat or something, you know, just as an example and all.

And while you were doing this thing that you knew you couldn't do seeing you were actually making up the hat pattern as you went, reached for the free needle and somehow grabbed a needle with active stitches on it and ripped it right out by mistake?

No, me either. I'd never do something like that.

But if I did, and this is only hypothetical here, I might scream some Very Bad Words as I scrambled to get the stitches back before I fucked the hat up completely.

I think I got them all back. I'm very close to the end of this hat but jesusfuck, that was not fun. Or um, it wouldn't have been, like, if I had done something that stupid.


Is it easier than drunk crocheting in a dimly lit bar when you haven't crocheted in years? 'Cuz I would never do anything like that, so I don't know what you're talking about.

At least not yt this week.

(But it's only Sunday. I think.)

Live from Virginia.
OOooohh, I can feel the pain of that. Not that I've ever done it - with a sock, all those tiny stitches. Nope, never. Not me.
Me neither.
I never do that with socks. Especially not when I'm knitting dark yarn on size 1's, in a dim room, where I'm supposed to be quiet (say at a concert).

Never done that.
Well, I haven't done it THIS week.

But I'm familiar with the internal screaming... and the scrambling.
Oh No..., I've never ever done that more than three times on the same sock... of course, that's NOT the reason I use 2 circs for everything! Yeah, right.

BTW, congrats on the house!
Let that be a lesson to you for using DPNs. Or hedgehog wrestling. If you were to do something like that, that is.
Hmm, i didn't do that just this morning! I hadn't just fallen asleep mid stitch and i hadn't pulled the needle out of my sock when waking up!
Oh yeah. Flat out sucks. Done it more times than I want to count. Let out some nasty cusswords at Christmas Eve with the family last year because of that.
I did this all the time when I was knitting with a sea urchin...(dpns)-- then i switched to 2 circs and oh how I've learned the magic loop and think...why did it take so long for someone to think this up???
I do it occasionally, and I still think it's less annoying than knitting on two circulars - I grab the wrong needle very often then too.
Nope - and I never start to drop a stitch and do some convulsive move that rips out a bunch more. Either.
Oh no, I've never done that at least 10 times every time I try to knit a little tiny baby sock with not more than 50 rows in the whole sock, for Children In Common, with worsted weight wool. Fortunately there weren't that many stitches to put back on the needle whenever I don't do this making these little socks, which are the only kinds of socks I've knitted to date. If I didn't do this while making adult socks with sock yarn you could hear the screaming and swearing all the way from Seattle.
... and the amazing thing is how easily the needle swoops out whenever I don't do that! You'd think that 30-or-so stitches could offer a BIT of friction, huh?
Nope. Never done that while trying to pull a sock out of my knitting bag and coming up with one naked needle. I'd never.

Congratulations on the house, by the way!
oy.. hypothetically.. that would suck big time.
Nope - never done that.. not this week when I'm knitting a colorwork sock! (which color goes where? if it ladders, I'm DONE FOR!)

and not two weeks ago when an inadvertent hug-mistake did NOT result in my circular needle getting hooked on someone's cellphone antenna and yanked COMPLETELY out of my LACE pattern!! nope, never happens. Not to me!

... feel your pain, though. ;)
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