Sunday, April 16, 2006


Happy Easter, Everyone

I'm not an Xian, so I don't know the whole deal, but I'm pretty sure there's a passage in the bible that deals with the bunnie rolling the rock away from the cave, and then Jesus coming out with a gaily-decorated basket and giving everyone chocolate eggs (and possibly matzohs, wasn't he Jewish? Which is probably good because if he was Christian that would sort of like me being a Rabbitchist.)

However you and yours choose to celebrate (or not), may your day be joyous and full of chocolate and love. Or at least wool, if you don't do the chocolate thingie.

(Um, think I could possibly have covered more bases while offending nearly every religion on earth at the same time with my good wishes? Heh. Sincere and offensive, that's me.)


I have a friend who does this thing at Sci-fi cons called "The Chocolate Ritual," and she has strived to make sure no religion is untouched (last I heard, she was trying to work Buddhism in). It's kind of equal-opportunity, good-natured mocking.

The problem with Easter is that there aren't a lot of religions celebrating around the same time, unlike Christmas, which you could have a blast with.
Did you know that in the US, people don't get Good Friday off? Not that it breaks my heart that they don't shut down the city bus just because it's someone else's holiday (which they do for every other dang holiday in this town), but hell, I thought for sure that down here in Jesusland everything would be closed. Not so. Weird, eh?
You are just incredible!! I laughed so much with you, at you and for you!!! I am so excited foryou and your new home! ENJOY IT!! can't wait to hear about the actual 'move'..!
No, no, you didn't wish a Happy Zombie Jesus Day, so you might've missed somebody. ;)
We searched for chocolate sheep in our house.

I LOVE that cartoon.
Well, actually you left out quite a few non-Judaeo-Christian groups. There'll only be stones coming from one or two directions. Better luck next time.
He must have handed out chocolate covered matzoh...they really do have chocolate covered matzoh you know! Kosher chocolate too.

Buddhists...we're adaptable but cholocate malas (prayer beads) would be good, but messy.
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