Thursday, April 20, 2006


Happy Birthday, Dude!

Today we celebrate the thirty*mumble*th anniversary of my baby brother's arrival on earth. Hope it's a good one, baby!

His birthday present looks like this:

Doesn't that look like a pair of socks to you? Yeah, me too.

Soon. Those will be next on the needles, right after I finish the socks that were due the middle of March.

In honour of his natal day, I am going to go to work in disguise. Today's costume is that of "Galloping Snot-Covered Death". Yes, I have a cold. Wonder if anyone will recognize me.

Short post this evening; I'm loading up the van, again, and heading down to drop a load of boxes off to the new place on the way to work.

There is no way on FSM's little green mountain that I am going to get this moving finished on time.

I say that every time, and most times I make it, but I'm getting a little nervous. Ten days left. Time to start chewing the fingernails.

More house photos tomorrow.

Wait, weren't you just horribly sick only a week or so ago?! This suggests that the stress and lack of sleep is overwhelming your poor little immune system. I must protest on its behalf. Sleep. Eat vitamins. Slap possibly contagious people away from you.
Oooh. Is that Fleece Artist? I'm completely obsessed with their sock yarn.

FSM will provide. Trust in the Spaghetti-ness.
Love the socks-to-be! Here's an idea...send the yarn to me, I'll knit it up while you move.
I'd offer to knit the socks up for you, like DianeS, but I can't guarantee they'd ever make it to your brother. After all, it was my birthday this week too. And that's some damn good lookin' yarn.
I'm at work. Email andev at geordy dot bc dot ca. We'll set you up!
Ah, knitting. The ultimate "some assembly required" gift.

Hope you feel better soon!
You could give him the yarn and show him how to knit a sock. Or he could start and one end and you at the other. Matching gauge would probably be a problem though.
Happy birthday, brother-of-bunnie.

Send the yarn on here. There migt be a pair of socks inside.

Or some wrist warmers.

Or a cute little scarfy thing.


Hope you feel better.
Ack - wishing you clear passages (all of them) and a speedy move.
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