Saturday, April 01, 2006


Flash your Stash!

Well. Apparently I have absolutely no sense of self-restraint.

Luckily for you, I also have no shame.

Here, then, for your horrified amusement is about half of my stash:

First up we have three huge boxes of acrylic and ack/wool mix. I can't begin to tell you how much of this I have given away. I have no idea how I got all of this. (A fair bit of it was gifted. Most of it was bought.)

There is at least this much more in storage. I suspect there is quite a lot more.

Moving to the right, we have a fair-sized box full of yummy fibre waiting to be spun. There is a big batt of alpaca/merino/silk, a bunch of merino/tencel, some merino/tussah, some "New Zealand Wool" (we assume that's merino as well), some merino top, some kid mohair, and bla dee bla dee bla. In the bottom left hand corner is a little bundle of Kermit that I spun myself, plus the "mojave" merino that I spun a few weeks back and a toilet paper roll of "clownbarf".

I have likely somewhere around another 80 lbs of fibre in the storage lockers and in the bins and bags out front of the house. Could be over 100 for all I know.

Moving right along, in the next box is "the good stuff". This is what you want to grab if you're going to break into my house. Unless of course you spin, and then you want to grab that last box too.

In here are four skanks of Rowan Magpie in medium and dark grey, four balls of elann Peruvian Highland Wool in candy cane red, a skank of Cascade 220 in peacock blue, four balls of elann baby cashmere in Peacock, two skanks of Noro Silk Garden, some Scheepjeswol in a couple of different colours, an oddball of Jaeger with mohair, some lavender alpaca, a couple of balls of Pingouin Pescadou in a bright pink which is sort of fun, 1000 yards of Top of the Lamb (Brown Sheep), some Rowan cork, some Lopi, some sparkly stuff, some purply tweedy wool, etc. etc. And, for some god-forsaken reason, a ball of plastic canvas yarn.

Moving on to the end of the sofa, the last box is a huge Rubbermaid tub containing maybe half of my stash of cotton.

Just in case, you know, there's a world shortage of facecloths or something.

There are also two very embarrassed half-skanks of funfur. There's a lot more funfur and some ladder yarn somewhere but who knows (or cares) where?

Last up is my baking bowl, full of sock yarn:

Here we have Regia, Lorna's Laces, Fleece Artist, Kroy, some um, colorific something or other, some stuff hand-painted by Patti and a couple of balls of something VERY sproingy from elann. If you're breaking in for the good stuff, might as well take this while you're at it.

Clearly I'm not at all well.

Who's coming over to play?

Thank goodness I didn't have to flash my books or my stash of needles (just bought my first Lantern Moons last night and oh my god why did nobody TELL me??)

Here is little Tallulah again, just waiting for Franklin to come up with another good caption ...

Issues? What sort of issues?
that cotton...what is it?? I don't know that we have that here...

"tallulah" is just adorable....
Soo... does this inventorying mean you might get the house? I'm still crossin' stuff for ya.

Also, many thanks for the photos. I pointedly showed them to my DH and pointed out they were about HALF your stash. I have about 2 boxes of wool/ack mix (couldn't resist--on sale for $0.50 a ball) and a box of various wool and alpaca yarns.

BTW, if you ever get the urge for Shetland wool for sweaters or cobweb-weight yarn for Shetland lace, it actually cost me less to order directly from Jamieson and Sons in Shetland rather than trying to order it in from the US (there may be more places that offer it now). Go figure.

I think the cotton is Bernat Handicrafter. I like using it because the dyes are colourfast, unlike Lily Peaches n'Cream or Sugar n'Cream. Unfortunately, only sold (retail) in Canada.
Evidently your stash is your majority shareholder. No wonder you need a bigger house. It's a splendid collection, you know. I'm actually quite envious.
Oh, heavens, that's quite a restrained stash. No issues or problems to be seen. (Heh, I just read the stash chapter in Steph's new book. Bless her.)
She looks like she's in Les Mis, ready to burst into "On My Own." -- rams
Tallulah is adorable! Just the sort of poster child we need! "My mommy is addicted to yarn...I'm a YARN BABY!"
When you get a chance, go to my blog and see your lovely stitch marker! It's found a good home!!
I see kitty paws on your box of 'good stuff'. Just who was helping you arrange your stash there? :)

I'm an enabler of the worst kind, I call it all GOOD STUFF - and wouldn't know the difference since I rarely knit

Flash your books? Now THAT's a true confessions I could get busy on.
"Please sir, may we have some more yarn?"
You know, that's really not that much yarn. . . just ask my husband and daughter. They figure I could get down to that amount by the time I'm 80, in the unlikely event that I never ever bought any more. . .Want some?

Sorry I'm late to comment, but clearly my stash is just a bit of yarn lying around. Save for that enormous amount of cotton, you give me new inspiration. And excuses.
BTW, you didn't tell us where to find the good stuff should we happen to break in.
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