Sunday, April 16, 2006


Eternal Moonshine of the Spotted Carpet

I have no idea what those nasty, nasty people who lived in the house before me did. I'm beginning to suspect they took mudbaths and then dried themselves off on the carpet or something.

And then, you know, flung mud at each other. Smelly mud.

Anyhow, the carpet has now been cleaned twice and that's just going to have to do for now. My back won't take any more, and time is running out. Many, many boxes will start to move in tomorrow. Um, that is if I pack them tonight. Shut up.

Fourteen days left to go. No need to panic.


Here's a picture of the side of my studio, the covered patio area and my garage. It is falling down. Well not really, just one of the bifold doors is off (it's inside) and the roof is covered in moss and um, there seems to be some seepage of water across the floor.

Apart from that it's great.

To answer Mark's question of yesterday, it rains a lot here. I think almost everything molds or mosses over sooner or later. So yes, that is a normal thing for a roof to eventually do, when not maintained with any semblance of diligence.

I promise there will be actual knitting content tomorrow. Um, did anyone remember this was supposed to be a knit blog? No? Me either.

To hell with knitting, I want to hear more about your new house.

Also, I like finding that someone else is having the same exact experience with moving as I did, filth included.

That-what would you call it? Breezeway? Car port? -looks like a good place to hang freshly dyed fiber to dry. Except, you know, for all the rain. Looks like you scored some free xmass lights!
I know what you mean about nasty carpets. We moved into this house two years ago. (I got a studio out of the move too.) And about half the house had very nasty carpets. We pulled them out and found most of those rooms had HARDWOOD subflooring. Sanding, a couple coats of glossy stuff and they're beautiful. The one room that had concrete underneath now has a ceramic tile floor.
I feel your pain on the carpets. One house we moved in to had such horrible nasty carpets that not only did we wash them, we used brushes and Comet to scrub them. We were shocked to find out that the carpets were blue and white instead of blue and cream. hehe

As far as the knitting. You aren't the only one with major lack of knitting content. I've been to tired to take pictures of anything to post.
Oh and btw. I'm soooooooo jealous of the studio. I live in a tiny 2 bedroom apartment. My stash is in my room and under my bed. sigh
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