Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Doing Business on Demerol

Not a great idea.

Anyhow, today I mailed off the last of the packages of stitch markers that I've received payment for -- apologies for the delay, I've been a little occupied. If you've ordered some and haven't gotten them in about a week, let me know. I can't track anything cross-border but I can make more if I have to (and no, I won't charge you twice).

If I've ass-wonkily (wonky-assedly?) sent you the wrong order, please let me know.

Thanks for all of the kind comments on my last two posts. The wedding was just as lovely as you all imagine it was. Felicia, who was at the ... um, was it called a reception? At the eat/drink/knit thingie after the wedding, and who was tons of fun, was kind enough to mention me today, which has sent my stats sky-high. Clearly a popular lass. Equally clear is that I'm utterly crass and hadn't even asked the name of her blog as she sat there next to me and then later gave me a ride to the seabus ... *sigh*

I truly am a self-absorbed cow some days.

Self-flagellation aside (yes, I know you like watching it, but my arm is getting tired) I have an exciting week coming up. Heard from the doc's office today and they want me to come in to discuss the lab results. No urgency, nobody panicked to get me in the office today so I'm somewhat reassured. I'm going to see Dr. C. at 10:30am Thursday. Rest assured there will be details here by Thursday night.

I haven't heard about whether or not we have the house, yet, but I do know they've called my references and spoken to them, so I anticipate hearing one way or the other either tomorrow or Thursday. Again, not being a private person, details will be babbled all over the internets as soon as they are revealed.

I've almost bought yarn something like FOUR TIMES this month already, before remembering that I couldn't. I had no idea when I joined Knit-Knack's "Yarn Focus" that I actually had a problem. Yes, I've seen my stash. Shut up. I wanted to buy four more balls of the elann Highland Wool because the thing I was going to make with the four balls I have isn't going to be made and the other thing I'm going to make takes eight balls. I was also going to order more sock yarn from Patti, but I'm keeping my "free day" in case I end up crawling about in yarn with Lala and Rachael.

Oh yes, and it would seem that my husband has just given away one of my cats, which is sort of a pity, seeing he said that he went or the cats went, and I hadn't made any enquiries about finding them homes ...

Gotta go kill something now. More tomorrow.

Okay, everybody think happy thoughts and cross their body parts for the Rabbitch. She could use some good fortune.
*pet* I miss talking to you .
Gave away one of your cats!?
Is he still alive?
Hmm, I'd go get the cat back and send the husband packing. ;) Think how much more space you'll have for yarn and fiber after you finish the Yarn Focus...

Sending more house luck thoughts your way!
My husband used to say that if I brought a cat home, he'd leave. So I went and adopted a cat a year and a half ago. Sadly, it appears the husband's threat was of the idle kind. He's still here.

I shall keep all crossable things crossed for good news for/from you in the next couple of days.
Hubby says that he refuses to ask the question of picking him or one of the pets as he is afraid of the answer - and he should be:-)
Pssst - if you win yarn in a contest, is that ok re: Yarn Focus? 'Cos I may or may not be having a contest, depending on whether it is or isn't ok... ;)
Arrr.. We'll make that scurvy dog walk the plank and sail the high seas to get yer kitten back!! So says the DreadPirate Mouse...
Glad to hear you've "cut" that badger out of your life and are on the mend. Looking forward to your lovely stitch markers.
Wait a second...your husband gave away one of your cats? Unless you have a lot more of them than I think you do (like, 20, in which case you have a problem), that is NOT COOL.

I'd never be able to wait until Thursday to see the doctor. I'm such a worry-wart.
I think he wants us to 'play' with him.
I put up a picture for you today. If he thought cats were plentiful and trickly, how about a room FULL of rabbits. Aha Aha Ahhhhaaaaaaa. Wait, let me go get my drill and I'll be back.
The giving the cat away seems insensitive or, worse, a tad odd. Personally I can't defend it. Remember, if the cat is unhappy it will come home. Cats do that. On the other hand, a cat does tend to be indifferent. Even when they like you.
The lack of urgency in a doctor is usually a good thing. When they call you saying, "Call me when you can; we should talk," it means they've found another excuse to lecture you about something either they don't do themselves or they've conveniently forgotten that they do themselves. Unless your doc is incredibly lazy, I'd take it as a good sign, except for the food group or drink group the doctor wants you to give up. There's always one.
Your stash is safe.
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