Saturday, April 22, 2006


Dear Annoying Emailers

Thank you for sending me your email telling me that I should say some Jesus thingie and pass the email on to seven people in seven seconds to get good luck.

I'm sorry that I don't share your beliefs, however I would like to offer you this in return.

Today is lesbian goddess vagina flower day; please shove a daisy up your snatch and forward this to 300 of your closest friends and you will receive great wealth by Friday.

It really works!

Please post pictures.


Daisy is in place and I await my due good luck.
it's what jesus would do
ooooh...gotta' pass this one on to my "anti-soddimite" auntie!!!
Is it that time of year already? Damn it.. I forgot to get my greeting cards in the mail on time AGAIN!
Oooh, it tickles! Is that the good luck I feel?
*hysterical laughter*

I just need to find the rubber bracelet with this on it. Thanks for the laugh and saying exactly what most of us are thinking!
I just choked on my latte.

Is this directed towards me? :)
Great, now I'm cleaning my monitor. You'd think I'd learn no to drink water and read your posts. That was hilarious.
Woohoo, that DOES tickle!! I so wish I had the nerve to send this to the people at work that send that stuff out...but I'm a chicken. At least now I can get a giggle out of imagining it.
Shoving flower, reciting prayers to Hecate, Artemis, etc... all while trying to get coffee out of my NOSE!!!! :)
I direct your collective attention to this cafe press shop where I am buying all my summer weekend wear:
Is there a hat pattern??
I don't have any daisies but we have started getting dandelions, and the big purple thistles are back...will either of those work?
Hee! I like your holidays way better than their holidays!
HAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!! love it!!!
laughed OUT LOUD, which isn't easy with croaky larengitis. Looking for my daisy as soon as I post :-)
Oh no! I'm laughing so hard I'm gonna wake the family. That'll teach me to read your blog late at night.
Would I get a portion of that great wealth? (snicker)
Do I need to hold the Daisy until Friday, or just during the holiday?

Please follow up with interesting Google hits for your blog.
Daisy wasn`t any too happy about that suggestion...
It's a public service you're doing to explain the holiday that launched the phrase "fresh as a daisy".
Ya' think if you use a gerber daisy (they're the jumbo ones) that you get a bigger pile o'wealth..? Because I have some on my patio...
I am snatchless but did the best I could, seeing as you're a friend and I try to be supportive.

It makes sitting a little uncomfortable, but that's life, innit? that stem-end first or flower-end first? I wanna make sure I get this right.
I feel so petal fresh now.

thanks for the uplifting message.
oh my goddess. IT WORKED!!!!!

Soren the Lurker
Nyrond and, for the momentm Prootwaddle
(here, originally via, telynor-the-harper's blog)
OMG-- that's hilarious. If I weren't at work right now I would be rolling on the floor with laughter.
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