Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Bump and Grind

Oh, the van is bad, bad, bad. I'm getting horrified looks as I drive it along the street, mostly because it's making a noise like a vehicle with no brakes. The horrified looks are most often being cast anxiously over the shoulder of the person driving the vehicle in front of mine. I'm guessing the general populace's urge to meet me stops just short of ... well, of me not stopping just short and ending up in the back seat of their vehicle.

Although this makes for somewhat-amusing (to me at least and that's what counts) blog fodder, it doesn't make for particularly amusing driving. I am therefore relieved that, should I make it home in one piece in the morning, The Small Annoying Frenchman is going to fix my brakes. For a lot less than the shop would. And he makes housecalls, which means that really I have to find something nicer to call him.

Well, maybe next week.

The moving itself, although way behind where it should be at the moment, is causing me less stress than one would suppose. I figure I'll panic about 6pm on Saturday, 'cause dudes, as of about 8pm Saturday I am SO done with this house. I'm planning on having the keys sealed in an envelope and dropped off at the landlord's office by 8:15.

Denial. It's not just a river in Egypt any more.

On the house front, I am rapidly filling the whole damned studio up. It's going to be ugly for a few weeks until I can get fleece storage arranged in the garage. I'm not entirely sure if I'm going to have to ask permission of the seven-foot-wide spiders that seem to inhabit the rafters of the garage. Them or the bumble bees.

Yes, it would seem I do live in the woods, don't I? Fortunately the spiders aren't the aggressive-eating-small-cats-and-children ones but dudes, the pure white one are squicking me out, bigtime.

We will not discuss the black and yellow ones. They are pretty. A design feature. Oh yes they are.

Shut up.

Hmmm... Seen the spider scenes in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of of Azkaban?
De-Nile (or Denial) River is a long and beautiful ride until you hit Victoria Falls.....may your last few days be a peaceful ride minus the Falls.

PS. I'm loving my stitch markers :-)
It's not so much that the house has spiders, it's just that the fiber studio comes with its own anti-moth system.
Garden spiders (the black and yellow ones) give me the willies. I'm dreading finding them in my garage as the spring gets warmer!
White spiders? Creepy.
Arachnophobia! The thought of any spider, much less a white one, totally creeps me out! Hope your van gets well soon under the gentle ministrations of the annoying frenchman (don't move here...there are many many of these).
Rabbitch, could you please email me when you have a chance? I have word from Jen and she asked me to pass it along to you, but I don't want to do it here, and I can't find your email addy anywhere.
the green & black, or yellow, or whatever it was, are garden spiders. they'll eat icky bugs (inclidng wool moths, i believe, if they get to the garage, lol). maybe you should keep one in the studio as an anti-moth thingie like one lady said.
You want icky spiders? I have two hundred years' worth of dead, icky white spiders in my basement.

Guess where I don't go? ;o)
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