Sunday, April 09, 2006


Brother, Can You Spare a Square?

Or sister. Yeah, you can do it too.

I didn't do much today. The last couple of weeke have been so stressful that I needed some downtime. I did do a little stashbusting, though, in the form of a couple of squares for Cynthia. Y'all have any pink or purple wool or cotton lying around, that's a good way to use it up. (No synthetics, alas).

Thanks for all of the good wishes regarding the badger and advice on the move. This'll be my 22nd move since I moved out of the house 26 years ago, so I think I'll be fine.

Next time I'm not moving anything at all, though. I'm just gonna buy me a super-sized bag of marshmallows, cut a couple of sticks out of the woods and let 'er burn.

You're invited. Bring weenies.

You lie like a rug. You would NEVER burn the wool. :-)
Remember to give us your stash before you start the fire. :)
By not moving anything, you do mean that the wool, yarn and beads have already been relocated, right?
I am so with you there. I'm in the middle of week 2 of moving carp & I'm finding it easier to take schtuff to the dumpster or add to the Goodwill pile.

Stash is light and can be moved relatively easily. It's the gazillion other little things that are a PIA.

Good luck with yours.
Congrats on the House, I was getting anxious that you wouldn't get it. I am so relieved.
And I can't believe that you would burn you stash. It just means that you need to knit, ect more.
22 moves...oh my glory... how can you stand it...
22 moves? I thought I was insane with 11 moves in 14 years. I bow to you, O Moving Queen.

Thanks for the link to Warming Grace. I'll be knitting pink squares tonight!
Last time we moved I told DH I planned on dieing here, I was not. moving. again. My sympathies, Rabbitch. BTW, I got the stitch markers yesterday and they are lovely. Thank you.
Thanks for sharing the info about the squares to make for the little girl with leukemia, and good luck with the move; take the stash, leave the rest!
I think I'll tow the Beast up there and you can let that burn too.

Yes, I still have it. No, I don't want to talk about it.

Yes, I have a van-sized ulcer.
Make to s'mores and I'll join you.
Sorry for going off topic, but...

I think I just found your next knitting project! Look!

The chance to pass it along to you is worthy of de-lurking! (Hope your move goes smoothly and your boob heals quickly!)
I'm back home! And what do I find over here but you, disease-free and hoome-getting. Congrats, dollface.
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