Thursday, April 06, 2006



When you're this happy, why think of a stupid title?

100% benign. Disease-free. Basically I was just growing an extra breast. There's a 10-20% chance of reoccurrence, or so the surgeon says. I think, personally, that he just wants another chance to look at my tits.

Would those who were making plans for my stash please revise them tout suite.

Vultures. All of you.


De-lurking to tell you I am thrilled to hear you are healthy and are going to be ok. Hope the er, swelling? goes down and that you are not in too much pain.
WOOT!!! ::: jumps up and down:::
Congrats Le Rabbitch! (No, I have no idea why I put the "le" there.)

I was kind of jonesing for that egg-yellow roving you had though. Did you sell that already?? :)
Dude, who doesn't want a chance to look at your tits?

Congratulations! Benign. Is there any more beautiful word in the English language?
Can I hear a WOO? And also a HOO! WOO HOO for the good news.
Hooray! Huzzah! Good Show! Spiffing! And other congratulatory words as well!

If it grew back, could you market yourself as a circus attraction and at least make the breast pay for itself?

Because then we could get at your stash more easily. :)
YIPPEE!!!! I am happy for you!!!
Another lurker coming out to say I am soooooo glad it's benign!!!!
I'd rather you be cancer free than to be in receipt of the STR yarn you were gonna buy me...

That's just awesome news!
I feel like jumping around, yelling "Woo Hoo!" like Daffy Duck in the old cartoons.

I'm so happy for you!

Now. Repeat after me. House... house...
*happy benign badger dance*
excellent!! Most excellent indeed.
Oh goody that means baggy kniickers and me will soon be reunited, just the small matter of house and I can then uncross everything including the goosebumps and jump up and down in celebration but there again that brings me to my spaniels ears which may not be quite so gaudy as the one you flashed but certainly have tendancy to flap (oh if only they were hat small), when not attached to a lead.
May the house be your new home and the kitties get the packing bug and leave happily togo live in peaceful snotless home.
Going back to lurking again now you'll be pleased to know. Daisy-Winifred
WOOT! is right! But this does bring up a point; how many of us have made plans for proper stash disposal in case of tragedy? I've warned my husband not to give the good stuff to Goodwill, but I'm assuming he knows what the "good stuff" is. Guess it's time to revise the will.
*happy smile*
Delurking to say Sweeeeeeeet!! *Happy Dance*
Delurking to let out my pent-up breath and say YAY! for you on such good news. They're wankers, though, to make you wait and come in for the pronouncement.
Another lurker coming out of hiding to say YEAH!!!!! I'm so glad the badger wasn't of the deadly variety. Here's to a clean bill of breast health *raises glass*'re living right as they say...whatever that means! Great news.
Wonderful, wonderful! Hopefully you'll get the house tomorrow, too!?
Relieved. Extremely !

Congrats hun!! I bet you let out a huge sigh of relief. I'm real glad to hear that your physically well. I won't comment on the mental health. :OP
Coming way late to the party!

Soo, happy.

I guess this means the magpie's going back in the stash, huh?
Well done, that girl! Now all you need is the house...

Good. Grateful.
WOO-HOOOOOO! If this doesn't get us lurkers to post, what will ;)

That is such great, fantastic newd, I am happy for you!!!
Congratulations. That is really excellent news.
Wahoo! Hooray for happy, healthy boobies.
Yes! Yes! Had I boobs, I would shake mine happily in celebration!
Hooray! Best news I've had all day, dearest. Keep up the good tits.
Woot and woot again! Congratulations.
Good news, now for the house. I thnk that a sheep or two in the yard would count as stash. .... ?

Three? Nobody needs three, silly.
congratulations! may it never return!

next up - getting the house. I am still doing my happy happy joy joy dance for you (cue ren & stimpy).

PS - my word verification is "baffpeg"; WTF is a baffpeg? a spinning implement, peut-etre?

anne marie in philly
Ode to Boob Badger
Oh, boob badger
Boob badger
We were scared when
You (Rabbitch) had ya

Now we lift up our wine
In a toast most divine
For all of this time
That damn lump was benign!

Ok, that sucked. But who cares, you’re ok!!!!!!!11!!@1!one
Sweet. I went through the same thing when I was 19. I remember the relief.

Continued good health and happy living to ya!
That's the best news I've heard all day. Yay!!!!
Move the good stash. I still know where to find it.
Woohoo! Hey, if you can grow extras and you know they'll be benign, that would definitely be a way to make extra money...or not.
Hell Yeah! See your boobs are so great, they were trying to repopulate the world with more great boobage.
And I don't see myself as a vulture, just a finder of lost fibres. heehee
Oh I think the house people will pull through. I mean if they were gonna just say no, they wouldn't go to the trouble of seeing you again just to tell you, right?
But geez I hope they tell you soon, I am getting serious cramps from being crossed for so long.
Another lurker coming out to say "Hot damn and Hallelujah!! That's wonderful news, sweetie!! Nobody needs an extra breast, anyway!!
I'm so happy to see that. Hope you're having a lucky streak so you get the house.
Woohoo!!! Great news!!!!!!
i'm so happy to hear that the badger was a gentle and friendly one.
I didn't realize that I was holding my breath ... fantastic news! Now, go get that house.
Great news! We (you most of all) will rest easier.
shit. there go all my plans to conquer the world, one dishcloth at a time. Glad you're still gonna be around to b*tch with though, my options seem to be thinning fast!
Thank goodness...both for your sake and ours! After all, my life would be a much sadder things without the verbal stylings of the one and only Rabbitch.

Now I'll just look forward to posts from the new house...may the luck keep working!
Just another lurker coming out to do the happy dance in honor of your giant WOO HOO! (Still ogling the stash though...)
*sigh of relief*

phooey, I tried to comment the other day and it failed.

CONGRATS!!!! on benignency and homage. (first word is, i think, made up and the second misused, both in your honor.)
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