Thursday, April 13, 2006


As You Were

OK, we got the house. All is signed and sealed.

Another large (and up until now important but who cares any more) check will bounce sky-high, causing at least a small amount of muddle next week, but WE GOT THE HOUSE.

Oh, and my workroom is eleven and a half feet or so wide, and just over 22 feet long. Workroom? Ha! I meant STUDIO!

OK, everyone a) start dancing in joy and b) pray that FSM will bring me $600 by Monday so I don't go to jail *g* (no, I won't go to jail, I'll just have to scramble and scrabble and apologize a lot)


Do they have the lottery in Canada? :)

But in all seriousness, I hope you get what you need. I'll cross my fingers, eyes and mutant toes for you.
Dancing, I'm dancing........

Congratulations chiquita. I'll go outside and rub my FSM on my car right now.
Woo hoo!

And how big is my room?
Studio? I think you mean Playroom. And I'm jealous. I want one too.
'anonymous' my ass... I left the comment about the playroom! Me! I want credit for any whining or snarking I do, dammit.
Congrats on the house! Bummer about the check. It's so annoying that banks can't keep the balance up with the outgo.
what's a little bit of overdrawing at the bank when you have all that space for wheels and looms and ?
Of course it will work out.
Cat pee though, not good.
In order to find out what FSM means I guess I have to admit I'm an ignorant American. Consider it done. Now someone please enlighten me! Please?
Keeping everything crossable crossed for you that nothing bounces and your move goes well. (Do they have overdraft protection at Canadian banks?) It's so cool about your house though!!!

Note to Susan: FSM=Flying Spaghetti Monster. (see
as much as i hate to admit this, my ex ensured that i have a large amount of experience in dealing with bounced checks, past due bills and bill collectors. most places, if you call them, explain to them what is happening with your illness, and offer to provide proof from your dr, will hold a check for a short while. especially if it's going to bounce if they don't. if nothing else, you might be able to save yourself the bank fees of bounce-age if you call them, they might not deposit it.
good luck and i'm glad that you got the house
I've got stuff crossed for you. Hope things work out. :)
calm, cool, chaotic - that's why we love you! tis the season for petanimals to communicate through urine telepathy it would seem. Chin up and if the sheriff comes for the bouncing issue, start quacking like a duck. Instead of a cell, you'll get a nicer room and something more potent than demerol.
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