Thursday, April 13, 2006



Bad start to the move. Both my husband's paycheck and mine were far short of what they should have been (I lost a couple of hundred bucks because of being on sick leave, what with losing the paid breaks and the night differential and all) so I'm going to have to be at the bank the minute they open to get a money order for the rent (and let everything else bounce). On top of that I got home and discovered that the knittens had locked themselves in my bedroom for hours and peed on the bed (and who could blame them?) so even the hour of sleep I thought I was going to get is pretty much toast.

Not a good start to the day. Everyone join hands (yes, I know you're all in different locations, just do it figuratively, ok?) and hope that I can still pull this deal out of my ass.

Moving the big stuff this week is out of the question now, but I think we can still do it on the 28th or 29th.

Barring a miracle, if someone could come over and shoot me, I'd really appreciate it.

Stay tuned for breaking news.

Hmm, I might need to set up a permanent Rabbitch Luck Shrine or something!
Wow! That *is* a truly sucky start to the day!!! Many positive thoughts winging their way up to you...
Joining hands with all your other blog-friends! I so know the feeling you are having, and it truly sucks. Get the house, the other stuff will still be waiting for you.
Moving gets physical real fast - please be careful of stitches, bruised areas, internal healing issues, etc. -
So easy to forget the body's limitations du jour when in the heat of massive activity - Take care -
*joining hands*

It will all work out. I have faith.

Some people can't catch a break! At all.

Joining hands from this coast.
blech about the money stuff. That sucks.
Good luck and you know some of us still can't get those damn fingers uncrossed yet, so the luck should still be good....
You know what they say....

the three things that drive you to suicide, heart attack or breakdown are bereavement, divorce and moving house...

(I`m full of these wee encouraging aphorisms.)

I last moved in 1982. A heatwave, and the moving van got lost and cruised the area for hours while I sat in an empty house and the sun went down...

Never again. Next time is feet first.
I am finally catching up on your blog. Great news about badger being gone and benign. Excellent news about getting the house, good to know I can stop walking around with crossed toes. So sorry about the money, I am totally there with you however. Rent? You need a check? Really? I can't just live here because I love and honour your house so much? Remember to breathe.
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