Sunday, April 02, 2006


Apparently, I Knit

Yesterday's flash of the obscene stash seems to have shocked me into some semblance of reality. I have joined the "yarn focus" thingie over at Knit-Knack. Seemingly we can't buy yarn (apart from one "free day" a month for the next three months.

This has encouraged me to start knitting some of the truly yummy stuff I have in my stash. Here we have a new hat for He Who Has Been Very Helpful During My Recovery:

This is my dark grey Magpie, knit up on the new Lantern Moon needles. The stitch marker there is one of the ones that didn't sell right away. It's my favourite, and so I "sold" it to myself. It's sitting there to remind me that "make one" means make ONE and if one makes two one should knit two together where it will be hidden under the wide ribbed hat band before anyone around one discovers how to do math.

Here it is a few hours later. It's going to be a very nice hat and will be finished by Tuesday, I would think.

The stitch markers are almost all sold. I have only one set left, so I'll make more later this week. Take a peek again some time around Thursday if you're interested.

I also had an update on the sock situation but somehow it got lost. It's either on the camera still or lost in the mists of time. I'll try again tomorrow after I go be a witless ... um, witness at The Wedding of The Century.

The badger is progressing well. I have a purple boob, but the steri-strips are starting to come off, I'm in only a small amount of discomfort (could hardly call it pain) and I'll get an update on whether or not it was benign (more than likely) later this week. I'll also find out about the house by Wednesday of this week, so rest assured you can stop dancing and crossing stuff and lighting candles really soon.

It would also seem that in my breaks between bouts of knitting, I take time to arrange knittens in artistic poses.

The black one on the bottom, Diamond, was the runt of the litter and he is now about 32" from nose to tail. We're pretty sure he's going to rally and pull through, poor little thing.

Stay tuned for wedding pictures.

I can't wait for wedding pictures! YAY!
Here's our little runt, Charlie (Brown). He was such a pathetic little thing (I must get some pics online) and now he's huge. That's not a great pic, because all you can see is his back, but you can see how big he got (he's about 2½ now). Here's one of his sweet face.

Yes, it sounds like Diamond'll probably make it. Good to know that there's an end in sight to the crossing and hopping and so forth!
Ah yes.. Kittebana- the long lost Japanese art of kitten arrangement. You seem to have mastered it well.. a very balanced arrangement. Can't wait to see wedding pictures!
I just realized how very insensitive I was to you, my host, earlier. Ahem: gladyou'refeelingbettergoodjobonthehatinprogressnicetoknowsomeone'sbeenhelpfulenoughtodeserveit,heycutekittieshow'dyouget'emtostaylikethatforyou?

Now that I've reaffirmed the certaintly of my love for you and interest in your health and well being, where's them wedding pics??
Coming out of lurkdom to say that I can't wait to see pics of the LEGAL wedding! I posted a few pics of the one from Saturday on my blog today! Wooohoo! Give the gals a big hug from us down here in Cali!
Not that I don't have all faith in you, but I give the yarn fast. . .less than a month.

I had fleeting thoughts of joining. Then I laid down with a cold cloth and I feel much better.
I am so very jealous that you get to be there! I tried to arrange to get up there in time, but it's just not going to pan out. Please hug and kiss them both from me, would you!? and have a drink for me too. hope to see you sometime soon, and very happy to hear you're feeling better.
WHAT!?!?? No yarn for three months? What were you thinking? LOL

The wedding pics are beautiful and I am glad to hear that your badger recover is going well!
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