Tuesday, April 04, 2006


And It Makes Me Wonder

Yesterday I was honoured by the invitation to be a witness to the legal marriage of two wonderful women.

Three years ago this wouldn't have been possible, and if the muppet we have running things around here now has his way, soon it won't be possible again.

And I ask ... Mr. Harper, just what are you afraid of? Are you afraid that homosexuals will rise up, join quietly in legal and loving union while surrounded by a supportive community of friends and family? Buy homes, contribute to society, work in meaningful jobs, adopt dogs, cats, oh god maybe even children, and live productive lives while being happy?

The horrors.

Holy shit, if we allow that sort of thing, next you know people will be knitting in public and women will think they can vote.

You see, marriage doesn't belong to you. It belongs to the community, it belongs to the families, it belongs to the people who are in love and who wish to devote their lives to each other. It belongs to god, and it is unspeakably arrogant of you to attempt to determine what god intended. He doesn't speak through you. He likely doesn't speak TO you, 'cause really, you're a bit of a twat.

I'd just leave it alone, if I were you. And, you know, if I wanted to be able to look at myself in the mirror in the morning.

Well said!
Yep...Mr. Harper = a bit of a twat. ROFL, very well said indeed. But I didn't think he could look in the mirror (or was that Vampires)? No, no, Harper can look but why would he? Kinda scary...
I live in Massachusetts and I'm proud of the fact that we currently (emphasis on currently) allow same sex marriages. But they just passed legislation that is now banning marriages for people who want to visit Mass and get married - you have to be a legal resident to get married here. And they trumped up some old court case or something or other to make this work in their favor. Gov. Romney, of course, is against gay marriage. It makes me wonder, too. Why do they even care? How does it even affect their life?
(aren't you sorry I've delurked?!? Now I'll never shut up)
Amen, sista! I couldn't agree with you more.
Argh - currently in the Minnesota legislature to explicitly make same sex marriages illegal...
Well, I wouldn't go so far as to say that God doesn't try to talk to Mr. Harper, but being a man, he probably just tunes her out.

Aren't you glad you have another delurker :-)
I've never been sure what his (or people like him) problem is, either. As one poster says, it does not affect them.

I picture people like him cowering in their homes, terrified of the world changing around them. Their comfortable, insular world view is falling to pieces.

The general acting like an assbeagle is a reaction stemming from fear.

Again, I don't know what Harper's afraid of. As you say, he's a bit of a twat and no self-respecting gay man would even make a pass at him, let alone marry him.
There's legislation moving here in Coloardo to ban gay marriage. I live near Colorado Springs (home of Focus on the Family) and you should hear these nimrods on the local news talking about how horrible gay marriage is and how it would destroy America.

Pffffttttt. If heterosexuals can't get marriage right (and I myself contributed to America's rising divorce rate), let's give the homosexuals a chance. The divorce rate might just go down.
I think I must be hormonal or something, because you just made me cry.

But don't tell anyone. My reuptation would never recover from the public realization that I have emotions. :)
I, myself, have never understood why the "family values" types are so against allowing gay people to join a club that so many straight seem to want out of..

Also, a correction on the Massachusetts decision: the state Supreme Court recently upheld a 1913 law which stated that an out-of-state couple cannot marry in Mass. if their home state does not recognize the marriage. The law was originally enacted in response to inter-racial marriage.
bravo! you made me cry too :)
I'm so jealous that you got to witness Rachael and Lala's wedding! So jealous!

I really don't understand why the government thinks it has any right to dictate love. It's just nonsensical to me. *sigh*
Spot on! Well said indeed.

And the wonderful comments - reassuring to see there are some people who can think logically and act fairly -

Again, well said.
delurking to say HOORAY, Rabbitch!!!! you are amazing and have articulated what all of us wish to say!!!
I agree...well said. I hope they see wonderful couples like Rachel and Lala and start to rethink things. Does Harper have a marraige-aged daughter? If so, it makes me want to go up to Canada and seduce her into a same sex marraige to spite him. But I'm immature and evil that way.
This is one of the reasons I love you so much. Well said, dearheart.
Well spoken :)
You go girl!!
I love you, and every one of your commenters. I'm glad you were there, it is a beautiful thing to see. Did you love Johanna? She married the missus and I.
What a perfect post. I could not agree more.
Is lurking what you do when you read other folks' blogs but never say anything? Well, then I'm delurking too. I live in the Fatherland (Calgary) sometimes I feel like a stranger in a strange land - reading your comments take the vinegar out of my throat. Thanks.
What she said! In spades!!

FWIW, Pennsylvaia, where I live, can't pass legislation to increase minimum wage or reform the property ax structure, but damn! there's a proposal pending that will ban same-sex marriage. Clear outtheguest room, my stash and I are coming north!
I lived in San Francisco, California a few years ago (since moved back to my hometown to be near my parents) and I witnessed a complete tradgedy there. There was a woman who was brutally killed by dogs that were trained to kill. Her partner was unable to carry out any of her final wishes because there was no laws giving gay and lesbian partners the same legal rights as heterosexual partners. Thankfully, the woman's parents did carry out both their daughter's and her partner's wishes with respect to them both. I just can't comprehend why in this day and age people can be so ignorant. I think Whoopi Goldberg said it best when she said: "If you're so concerned about Gays and Lesbians marrying, don't marry one." Where I live now (Portland, Oregon) It was legal for homosexuals to marry for a few days. I sincerely hope that the world wakes up very soon and decides that this is discrimination, no matter how pretty they try to make it.
Hear hear!!!

-From the land of civil unions.
(I've got my hands in the air, chanting, if you must know! :)
I can only hope the Mr. Harpers of the world reads Rabbitch today.
I had a conversation about similar things while watching "Pricilla, Queen of the Desert". Maybe I'm biased because I can look beyond my nose and see two people who love each other and want to make a lifelong commitment, it doesn't matter age, sex, race or religion. I want them to respect and care for each other. Banning gay marriage makes about as much sense as saying two short people can't get married. You are who you are!
Everything you say is so right!!
Huzzah! Right on all counts!
Amen, and Amen! From your mouth to God's ears. I am so jealous you were at the wedding, how wonderful.
De-lurking just to say that this was a fantastic post. It makes me more hopeful that someday my sister-in-law and her life partner will actually be able to legally wed.
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