Wednesday, April 05, 2006



And here I go and whine about my husband's feline-related perfidy on yesterday's post and then I don't actually explain myself.


OK, Ben's really really really allergic to cats. I had cats when we got married and he didn't whine about it then, and it was never brought up as an issue. However, we have four cats in a small apartment, and he can't breathe.

No, really, he can't.

We had spoken about giving the cats away but I spent quite a long time behing hysterical and hating him a lot, so it never went anywhere. Yesterday a co-worker of his said she wanted a cat, so he offered her one of ours.

It makes sense.

And I'm also sick and tired of the contstant whining, hatred, honking, bickering, etc. So I'm looking for homes for the knittens. If anyone in the Vancouver area would like a used cat, I'm the gal to email at bunniegirl at shaw dot com.

Yes, I'm serious. It seems a small price to pay for a decrease in the marital discord. Besides, my husband's too damned big to flush down the toilet and I don't have time or the energy to dig a hole to hide the body, and another week or two of this bitching and that would be my only option.

Write me, babies.

I know how to drive a back hoe!
I have a saw!
Ummm... Used how?!!
Oh, poor knittens...
Bunnies are better biters.
as a true friend, i'll help you get rid of the body should you change your mind...
House - you need the house. With a small apartment there is no way to establish cat free space. In a house, a campaign of carefully closing doors can ensure that there are places the cats do not go.

That said, I am without animals myself due to the unfortunate allergy problems of a spouse. Even with medication and cat free spaces and obsessive attention to cleaning up hair - four cats is probably too many.
Awww.. I'd adopt one but I think that its a bit far of a drive for me. Crossing my fingers and toes for happy house thoughts again!
Okay, I suppose that's at least a bit better, but I still say that giving away your cats without your permission is a Bad Thing.

Like Mouse, I'd take one, but it's a bit of a drive. And I think the Boyfriend would give me the hairy eyeball. I suppose two is enough for me.
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