Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Tiny Bobbles

Another productive night:

Much fun was had by all. Apologies for the fuzzy pictures.

And now I'm going to actually SLEEP ... and then go see The Gorgon for a parent/teacher conference, during which I shall learn the many ways in which I am failing my child.

Not that I'm intimidated by her or anything.

Shut up.

Hold a mirror up to her face and when she turns to stone you can steal her treasure. Or just bring knitting on really big pointy needles.
Oh how I hate parent teacher interviews with all that bafflegab. I think it relates back to how intimidated I was as a child and I still haven't learned to see teachers as human. Of course my parents never went to see my teachers and never stood up for me when any issues arose...I think they were too busy dealing with their own issues. When the Gorgon speaks, chant "assferret, assferret, assferret" and maybe she/he will implode....or maybe the teacher is a knitter/spinner and all will be well.
Good luck!
My fourth grade teacher told my parents that I was a creative speller.

In sixth grade, I made it to the final round of a regional spelling bee.

Teachers are often full of shit. Don't stress about it.
Hope the teacher turns out to be one of those rare breeds who actually LIKES your child and understands parents have more than one "job" in life!

Breathe deeply, and take your knitting! :-)
I always wondered if we were talking about the same child. At any rate, mine survived (with a little help from parents/grandparents) the public schools and is now within a year of completing her BS in Accounting. Trust me, we have our share of school horrors that would take my own blog and then some to document. At least know that you're not alone and that all of us are standing behind you (if that teacher only knew that we were all there, she'd flip!).
Hey! Teachers do their best. And you can't believe some of the nutcase parents they meet. Just don't excuse bad behavior (like setting fires), act interested in your child's development (you want her to learn to read eventually), and you will be written down as a good parent. Any experienced teacher gets used to embracing low standards. This will be a piece of cake, promise.
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