Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Surfacing, Briefly


Hubby scheduled some extra shifts this week (with my agreement). While this is fantastic and will help haul us out of The Endless Abyss of Debt, I didn't take into consideration that the fact that there is a small child here, and there needs to be one semi-alert parent available at all times. If HE's at work ... then I have to be the alert one, si?

Sounds reasonable, apart from the fact that I'm so stressed out that I couldn't sleep this morning (when she was at school) so now I'm trying to be the alert parent while also trying to be the person who is sleeping for her night shift.

Not working out quite as well as I had hoped.

No, I can't do math, either. Why do you ask?

All whining aside, I've been pretty productive over the last couple of days. I cast on a pair of fantastic socks using Patti's handpainted wool. They're a gift, but I don't want to give them away. Then again, knowing how quickly I knit, this may not be an issue as the intended recipient will have passed away long before I get them done.

In wrapping-up-the-Olympics news, Renee is the winner of my stitch markers. Despite my well-documented postcrastination, these are actually packaged and ready to go.

I'm really getting into making these puppies and made a three-marker set:

plus a pair of row markers:

... at work last night. I think I'm in a green phase. You? (They're all the same colour. More green, less aqua. My famed lack of talent for photographing small shinythings is coming to the fore again. My camera's zoom feature has also died.)

And now, I think I'm going to go to work in my pajamas ...

I'll be putting these babies up for sale on Saturday along with whatever else I get made this week. ($10 for a pair of row markers, $15 for a three-marker set, $20 for a four-marker set, etc.) Keep your eyes peeled, if you're interested.

How fun, going to work in your jammies! And here's the big question - will anyone notice???
Row markers. First time I've seen that one. Pure genius. Imagine the stuff you'd come up with if you were well rested.
you made me laugh. thank you. eating alpaca will almost certainly make you constipated, so take some prunes into the closet with you.
Oh, don't worry, I'll still be alive when you finish the socks you're making fo me.
and i work in my jammies all day anyway...
Looking forward to your sale offerings on Saturday.
Pictures of shiny things: Use a nice background, disable your flash, and take picture in either natural sunlight or near a good source of inside light. The real key is disabling the flash.
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