Monday, March 06, 2006


Stop the Presses!

Just a quick warning to anyone who may have any merino/tencel in their stash, waiting to be spun. Do not spin with it. You are allergic to it. No, really. It's terrible stuff.

Just stuff it into a box, a bag, an envelope -- anything at all, but do it quickly for the sake of FSM! -- and ship it to me. Forthwith. All of it.

I am only making this offer because I am a saint. No other reason whatsoever.


and for anyone who actually knows the truth, that it's a total DREAM to spin with, go get some here. Utterly delicious fibre, beautiful colours, amazing customer service and good prices, too.

i'm lost. send help. and your paycheques.

Oh, well, I'm sorry, all I have is 4 oz of merino/silk, and 4 oz of 100% silk. Oh, and 13 oz of alpaca (all of which want to be dyed) :D

If you like merino/tencel, once you feel comfortable, try some (undyed) alpaca. Mmmm... clouds of joy...
I really need to learn to spin. You people are making me drool.
Oh good, another fan of merino tencel...reminds me of fibery gel ink!
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