Monday, March 20, 2006


Some Very Confused People

To those who found this blog through such searches as "set tits on fire" and "my ass has gone to sleep": really, you need some help.

And to that other person, and you know who you are, no I did most assuredly not do that to my brother's best friend. Not even once. Sicko.

You're welcome.

Ah, the disturbing world of search terms...
One of the most common searches that lands people on my blog is "silicon sex dolls."

There is a significant difference between silicon and silicone. I don't think a silicon sex doll is really what they're looking for. I know a knitting blog isn't.
Even funnier is the thought of what those people DO when they get to your site after a search like that!
If I can't stop laughing....I might die from not breathing and it will be your fault.........

My most exciting search strings are people looking for information on the first man in space.
was I skimming the day you set your tits on fire? how the f did I manage to miss that one?? couldya do it again?

ps. should I be insulted that the perverts ignore my site? am I so boring that even the dogs won't hump my leg??
I got one recently about women learning to take their bras off in the bathroom. Twice.
I think you need to add something to your list of search terms. I humbly submit: "Things to make me snarf my beer," and "Loss of bladder control."
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