Wednesday, March 01, 2006


She's Created a Monster

Steph clearly created some sort of monster, with her casual "oh, you know what would be fun?"

Yeah, 4100 lunatics, all casting on at the same time, all striving for their personal best, and none realizing quite how wacked they were.

She's now handing out prizes for being this wacked. Therefore in honour, I have created some stitch markers, which she's going to send off to some lucky lunatic.

Little silver kids blocks spelling out k-n-i-t, surrounded by four green crystals each (is this colour peridot? And are these the Swarovsky crystals I meant to buy or some cheap-assed imitation? I think they're the good ones, but who knows?) They look a lot nicer in person than they do in the fuzzy photograph, honest.

Apparently I'm also going to cast on my first lace sock tonight. Is there no end to this woman's evil influence?

In other, breaking news, my daughter has discovered the cure for hiccups:

"I know how to get rid of hiccups. You can fill your mouth up with water all at once and stand on your head. Or, if you're a boy, you can dress up as a woman, or if you're a girl you can dress up like a boy."

Who knew?

(I'll expect photographs if any of you try these methods.)

lol! Now if only I can stand on my head!

Love the stitch markers.
Cute markers and in my favourite colour too! Unfortunately I did not participate and do not consider myself eligible as I finished nothing but made good progress on several projects fueled by the insane amount of energy generated by all you lunatics. It was great fun to watch and learn. Thanks.

By the did the cat bath go?
Be well,
Why is it so hard to take pictures of tiny beaded things? I've experienced the same thing.

Oh, good point, Marj - how WAS the cat bath??
Thank FSM for digital cameras! It took me 6 shots to get a semi-decent one of my OK challenge buttons.

I like the stitch markers!
ohhhh....I'd love to win those!
Best cure for hiccups is to drink water upside down. You do this by drinking from the otherside of the glass.

When my kids were little I used to give them a spoonful of sugar. How do you tell a two-year-old to hold their breath?

Want. Those. Markers.
My friend, you don't know the half of what that woman's evil influence can achieve. Living in the same city as she does can be... well... it's just not pretty.
A cross-dressing cure for hiccups? But I dress like a boy half the time anyway, and it certainly doesn't keep the hiccups away. Hrm.

Those stitch markers are gorgeous! *covet*
great job on the stitch markers!!! Cute Idea!!
Your daughter is so darling..the stuff the little ones say is just so my son...the name the two girls and two boys picked for their "math team" is "the queer quadrilaterals" -- who knew??
I'm feeling a little gender dysphoric today. Please ask the Princess if dressing up like a cat would work.
I'm screwed the next time I get the hiccups, then. I haven't done a headstand/handstand in over 14 years; I'd rather not find out what would happen if I were to try now.
I'm the winning lunatic! Woo-hoo! They look great.
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