Saturday, March 25, 2006


Ownership of Stink

Firstly, thank you to all who are dancing, naked (and perhaps also drunkenly) on my behalf. It's starting to look like we might actually get that house. Oh FSM, here's hoping. It's three times the size of this place, $90/month more once you factor in what I pay for storage, and it has a garden and is QUIET.

(Many thanks also to those who have purchased stitch markers. I only have two sets left -- more will be up later this weekend. Blues, greens, reds, amethyst and some mixed funkystuff I picked up recently.)

Of course I'll have to move with my tit in a sling, but all is not lost; this has led to a brilliant idea by Miss Mouse. If I'm going to do such a thing (and hell, I moved 90% of our stuff by myself with broken ribs once, so why not?) I should have a Pirate Name. I believe we've settled on Rabbitch McTitSling, Scourge of the High Seas, although I can't decide between that and Drinkie McBoobSling.


So tell me ... what's your secret pirate name?

For all of those who find cute kid stories tedious, please click away now, as I am about to explain the title of this post.

Me: So, do you think I should have a shower and then we can go down to the store?
Her: Why do you want me to make a decision? It's your stink.

Now I think that Good Parenting Guidelines would have had me reprimanding her at this point for having a smart mouth, but dog help me, I was laughing too hard.

I'm heading to bed for a few hours now, but remember: All Your Stink Are Belong to Us.


If you hurry and do the move within the first few days of surgery that boob (or what's left of it) will be safely taped to your chest at an unrealisticly perky position. (Educated guess based on past personal experience.)

Of course you might want to avoid bumping it. I developed an "elbow up" protective stance when anyone even thought of coming near me.

Good luck with the move and the surgery. I hope neither makes the other more difficult.
see, i'm with you on the parenting. I would have been cracking up too. Hmmm, my secret pirate name?? well when I go to a pirate name generator I get Fancy pants pete...not too cool. I guess I like "titsbigger'n'thee McPhee" better.
Good luck on the house!
Gotta love Miss EB, she's definitely got it together. I Like Drinkie McTitSling, personally. Excellent pirate name for the boobage. Excellent news on the house. Call in all your markers and get everyone you ever did anything for to help you with this move. It'll go faster and be less stressful that way!

On the house ARRR!!! I lacked the creativity and bravery to develop my own secret pirate name so I took the quiz - it said I was crazier than crazy so I think it must have been malfunctioning that day.
Thinking very very very good housey thoughts.........xo
Ye be talkin to Twosticks Morebooze!

If the boobsling and post-op yuck is too much to cope with for moving and you really need some help, drop me a note (bigalice at gmail dot com) and I'll drive up from Portland to give you a hand. I'm no good at the real heavy stuff (damn you, bad back!) but I'm all over the boxes.
Not The Dread Pirate Bitchtits? --rams
you know, that's something my sons would say to me. and ya know, i'd be reacting the same way. we are a sarcastic lot. me, i'd like dragonbreath mctwosticks. i'll have to check out the generator that anne has on her website
oh, and are your markers at your ebay site?
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