Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Oh Lord, Won't You Buy Me ...

... a one-legged friend?
My friends all have two legs;
The knitting never ends.

Worked hard on this all night,
Got down to the bend.

Oh Lord, won't you buy me,
A one-legged friend?

So here's the sock I'm making with the wool I got from the lovely Patti.

I must say I like it even better than I like The Small And No Longer So Angry Sock:

however this is for a friend's birthday and will not be mine. I just keep thinking that maybe if I get her daughter to cut off one of her feet in her sleep, that there will be enough wool in this skank to make THREE socks and then I could have two of them.

Because, you know, I'm practical like that.

Off to work. More stitch markers on Saturday. I think I have um, amethyst and pink and topaz this week.

Kiri update later this week also.

Isn't this suspense exciting?

{holding lighter above my head}
I'm on pins and needles over here! ;)
You'll just have to remember to start making friends with one legged people from now on.. maybe you should start hanging out with pirates. (arrrr..)
Ooooo - mine is the top one, right? I love seeing it knitted! And I'm glad you like it!
Ask and ye shall receive.
A one legged friend.
Except the lord can't buy me, and I already knit my own socks (ok, well...sock).
Perhaps, as an alternative to one legged friends, you could develop friendships with people who like wearing unmatched socks. Or maybe colorblind friends?


I'm just sayin s'all
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