Saturday, March 11, 2006


My Beady Little Eyes

I've figured out Front Page, and without having to RTFM, which is good, 'cause I just don't do that sort of thing.

My stitch and row markers are in the process of being put online. I would have waited to post the link until there's actually something worth looking at there but Blogger is being evil so I thought I'd take the chance to get the link up here and in my sidebar before it all blows up again.

I'll be putting stuff up as it's made and taking it down as it sells, so check periodically. Or not.

update -- everything I've got done so far is posted. I'm going to go play by the river with my kid, now. more tomorrow.

There should be some handspun there at some point in the near future too, if everyone in the house will just shut up and let me get some sleep.

There will either be handspun or carnage. You can count on one of them happening before the end of the week, all rightie.

this post was brought to you by three successive days of less than three hours of broken sleep, followed by eight-hour graveyard shifts

Go with the handspun. The carnage is much harder to sell.
Although there *are* plenty of people selling carnage and making a mint off it...

Um, nevermind :-}
Hmm, carnage would be quite exciting to blog about. Altho perhaps the jail won't let you blog...
Gorgeous markers!! I wish I had fundage. LOL I will keep checking the sales, though!!!
Nice markers! This is the only blog I know where that sounds kinda dirty . . .
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