Sunday, March 26, 2006


JenLa's Meme, And A Sock

Oh, what a splendid title. Next I'll be writing something called "Sunday's Post" or some such lamery. (To all of you who regularly title your posts things like "Sunday's Post" I'm sorry, I likely just hurt your feelings. But really, dude. If you're stuck, just email me. It doesn't have to be like this! Why, just a couple of days ago I helped The Mouselet come up with the epic title "A Cute Sock". )

And in the interest of delivering what I've promised I give you, without further ado, JenLa's Meme

1. A blog which you think people have not discovered.

Napkin Please. This is the blog of an interesting artist from New York. He doesn't post a lot and he uses -- horror of horrors -- a knitting machine, but he's doing some things I very much enjoy looking at and thinking about. And besides, I have a knitting machine too and if I get this house (everyone still dancing?) I will have room to set up that AND my loom and lose all semblance of a social life because I will be in the back room chortling and running fibre through my hands pretty much 24 hours a day, with brief interludes for beer runs and such. (that's a run to the beer store, not a visit to the porcelain palace to alleviate gastric discomfort caused by drinking too much beer, you weirdos.)

2. A blog whose author lives close to you physically. Just get as close as you can, it's all relative.

Well, it's odd, but I haven't actually MET very many Vancouver knitbloggers. It's very very stupid, because I know there are tons, but I'm so busy being all seduced by those hot American chicks that I've pretty much forsaken my own.

That, however, is soon to be remedied. I will be meeting Mandy on Monday the 3rd. Yes, as in a week today. Whee!

I think that the closest blogger who I read on a regular basis and who I've met would be Marlene. She's delightful, even though we didn't have nearly enough time to chat, and her knitting and spinning kick ass, bigtime.

3. An unusual or weird animal picture.

Hands down, it's this. Dudes, I'm speechless.

4. An entry that made you laugh and got you strange looks from family or co-workers.

There are so many, however my most recent fave is Franklin's introduction of Dolores.

5. An idea you wish you'd thought of.

Oh, there are tons. Like penicillin, coffee and the internal combustion engine. Those would have been good. Or even dental floss.

6. Something you'd like to knit.

Eris. I used some of my ill-gotten gains from stitch marker sales to buy the pattern for that and for Rogue.

and for anyone who's asking about the stitch markers, the two I have up on the link in the sidebar are all that are ready to go right now. I've had a bad weekend, didn't get any more made. keep looking.

7. A picture of something you consider beautiful.

A bin full of unwashed wool, just waiting for me to have my way with it.

8. A blog whose author you'd someday like to meet in person.

Oh man, how could I pick just one? Ann, naturally, and Jen and La of course, Rebecca, Juno, Franklin ... oh hell, pretty much everyone in my sidebar there.

9. A blog of someone you have already met in person.

Marlene, Gaile and Stephanie, and I feel hono(u)red to have met each of them.

And now, as promised, a sock.

And, as proof that I don't have second cock syndrome (oh there I go again), the cuff of the second sock:

I get to see the inside of the new house tomorrow, and hopefully will have an answer by the end of the day. Surgery is Tuesday. Expect very sparse bloggery to be committed over the next week, but I'll be sure to let you know how it goes with both.

Thank you to everyone who's been so supportive while I've been having this little meltdown. It can't have been pretty.

Very lovely sock. The color is yummy.

I'm totally loving Eris. I do have a feeling I'll be buying a copy soon. hehe
Some of us have ever crossable body part crossed. You will let us know when we can un-cross, won't you?
Keeping fingers, toes & everything else crossed that you will get the house and that surgery will go really well. Love the sock, by the way.
Wait, Ann, if you have everything crossed, how are you dancing??? ;)

Good luck this week!

Lovely sock, btw. And the cuff of the 2nd shows promise.
Love the sock - and it doesn't seem angry at all!
You're going to come through your surgery with flying colors, and in a few weeks will be settled in to your new, big delicious house. And will be well on your way to becoming some sort of fiber hermit.

Just you and Delores...
I definitely have everything crossed, except when I go pee.

Good luck tomorrow chiquita, I'll be thinking good thoughts for you.

As for hanging around, if you weren't so damned hot, and's your fault we're still here.
*GASP!* I am a hot American chick? Well, shite. Now I have to go put on some makeup so I don't look like a hag.

PS? Good luck on your surgery tomorrow. :)
Wait...does this mean I can now compliment you on your beautiful cock?

You're much in my thoughts...good luck with everything!
I'd be offended by how easily you were seduced by the hot American chicks, except I don't live in Vancouver. And oh ya, I don't blog.

I'll be thinking about you tomorrow. And tonight. And, well, everyday until you post something to let us know all is well and you're happily medicated and healing.
Lots of good thoughts coming your way
Rachel (a non hot UK blogger)
Nice cock--er, I mean, SOCK. I'm totally rooting for you to get the house, sending you all the positive vibes to be had around here. Good luck with the surgery. I hope this means someone else will be taking care of you for a change...
I'm not offended by how easily you're seduced by hot American chicks. Not at all :-)

Except for now I live in Montréal so I don't know what that makes me...

Probably a traitor :-)

Hang in there, babe. Thinking of you a lot.
Hot American chick, eh? Haven't heard THAT in a while. Um, actually, haven't heard that exactly, ever.

If we cross for the house, and cross for the surgery - it gets uncomfortable. But anything for you, dear. :)
It will be cool to meet you! :)
Yikes, good luck with the surgery. (crossing fingers, toes, and eyes) (quite an attractive look, I tell you)
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