Sunday, March 05, 2006


It's a Bird!

It's a plane!

It's a wool!

Well, ok, I'm getting pretty lame here but I have to have posted like 600-700 times in the last two years, so I had to run out of titles eventually. Didn't I?

Behold, my first real "skein" of handspun. It's only about 25 yards (how the HELL do you people get these 300 freakin' yard skeins? What kind of monster wheels do you have?). It's thick, it's thin, it's goofy as all fuck, but I love it. Gonna give it a nice bath to set the twist and spin up a couple more of these so that there's some kind of length worth mentioning, and then send it off to Patti as her "Happy Divorce, Baby" yarn. That is, if she likes goofy red thick-and-thin spaghetti made out of Merino.

If not, then I think I'll just wrap it around my head and wear it, un-knit, as a hat. MAN I like this stuff!

And could I blow my own horn any harder? I think not.

ps to anyone who is avoiding getting a mammogram and who got freaked out by my description. don't. do not avoid it any longer. the mammo itself isn't painful. it's uncomfortable, but you're pretty much standing there going "oh, if they squeeze any harder it's going to hurt" and then they take the picture and stop squeezing. i think it's less comfortable for those on the itty-bitty-titty committee, but really, dude, breast cancer is worse. trust me on this one, i had a friend die of it in her early 40s and it's a dreadful waste. the part that hurt was the core biopsy, and even that is worth it if it means you get to live long enough to be an embarrassment to your children. go. now. make the appointment. i'll go with you and buy you a drink afterwards if you're all freaked out, but do it. if you're too far away for me to go with you, or you'd rather I didn't stare at your boobs, then I'll make up a new cussword just for you and put it on a set of stitch markers. honest.

That's quite some yummy stuff you have going there!
Oh, it's beautiful lady! If you find out the secret to bigger skeins, will you share? I haven't figured it out yet either.

Thanks for the reminder on the mammo. Haven't had one since my "surgery" last year. I guess it's time.
Here, Here; Ditto; I'm with you and all those affirmative things...and if Rabbitch is too far away, I'LL take you. Go, already. And, I really like that yarn too -- nice first run.
Oh, a new cussword on stitchmarkers - y'know, you could do more to promote mammograms with that campaign than any previous campaign I've heard of! :)
Dang, that's gorgeous! Go you!

I'm a new reader of your blog, having arrived here from Franklin's blog. I, too, have an appreciation for creative cussing and knitting, and am pondering the possibilities of spinning. It's just what I need--another FSM-damned, time- and money-consuming hobby.

Good luck with evicting the Breast Badger!
that's one tasty lookin' skein! And I want some clean-your-mouth-out-with-soap stitch markers too...will be on the lookout for sales deets!
Boy am I impressed!---that stuff is SERIOUSLY gorgeous!!
I second, third, and fourth the recommendation for the mammogram. My mother passed away two years ago from breast cancer.
I've been putting off the big M for years now and I'll admit, you're post the other day did freak me out a bit and reaffirm my decision to avoid the M. But you're right (as is my doctor, my mother, and my best friend) - I can't put it off anymore - especially knowing how prevalent breast cancer is on both side of my family. I'll make the appt.

Wish you were here so I could take you up on the drink.

Point taken on the M word. I'll make the damned appointment - and keep it. Everyone has to grow up sometime!
yay you. it rocks, and that thick and thin goofy stuff is all the rage.

also, i'm rather pleased you won't be giving up your stash anytime soon.
Beautiful yarn. If Patti refuses it, I will gladly be second choice.

Thanks for the plug for breast cancer checks. My mother just finished chemotherapy for it, sucky stuff that poison, but it's worth it because she'll be around a lot longer to push my buttons.
It's almost worth going to get one, just to have you make up a new cussword. Oh yeah, and I'm still nursing my baby, so it'd be kinda funny to squirt milk everywhere.
Now if you can just figure out a reason for people to go get regular colonoscopies...
If it were not for the yearly female checkups, I would not be here today.

I was diagnosed at age 34 with Stage 3 cancer; I am now 51.5 and I always consider June 21 my "second birthday" (the day I began treatment).

Consequently, I see life through different eyes - what's important, what's not, and when to kick ass and raise hell (all the time on that last bit!).

What you DON'T know CAN kill you!

anne marie
Very cool skein! If they find something different in a couple of weeks, I may well ask for a new cuss word. But how on earth are you going to top "assbeagle"?
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