Tuesday, March 21, 2006


I Can Read The Writing ...

... on the foot.

So, I'm sitting there at work last night, taking a break from the exciting world of data-un-fuckery or whatever it is I'm doing (correcting many many thousands of errors made by others. I'm assuming whoever corrects my errors will be whining about it on another blog shortly.) working along on The Beauteous And Quite Pink Sock and I realize that I'm close to the point where the toe decreases need to start.

Assuming that S has approximately the same size foot as do I (I think it's maybe slightly longer) I measure where the decreases should start and then casually take off my shoe and my sock and make a mark on my toe.

And as I sit there at work, with one naked and written-upon foot, happily knitting along and slipping the sock on my foot every couple of rounds I realize ... a) this possibly isn't normal behaviour and b) there are a couple of hundred people who will understand completely.


I finished the first sock up to the decreases and then realized that I didn't have my book with me and didn't know what to do next, so the second sock has been cast on and I have about 1" of the cuff done. No Second Sock Syndrome (and I keep typing that as "Second Cock Syndrome" which is another problem entirely) here.

Pictures, hopefully, of one completed sock and one cuff tomorrow.

Oh, dear, that would be another problem ENTIRELY. An entirely additional problem. Hee hee.
You just made me spit all over my computer screen. There. Now we're even.
Yup. I do understand completely. Scary.
What scares me is that I haven't yet knit my first sock ever, and I still understand.
hmmm. second cock syndrome... wonder if that would be a problem at all...
Personally, I find it's the addition of the second cock that makes the dinner date complete, if you know what I mean. But perhaps this is only so for gay men.
I love those moments, when you are simultaneously struck by your own oddness and the knowledge that you are not at all alone in it. As for second cock syndrome, I think there's another website for *that*
I TOTALLY understand! I thought about tatooing a ruler on my left foot, with 2" 2.5" marked in red. But then I realized no one would really understand... and what if my foot stretched or something... then it wouldn't be accurate.
I understand completely. When I knit socks, I try them at work all the time. The first time or two, everyone looked at me a little funny, but they think I'm a little out there anyway, and they figure as long as they leave me in my little corner of the room, it'll be ok. I even take pics of me trying them on in the office and put them on my blog. Feel free to stop by and have a look.
When I knit at work, I'm usually at the nurse's desk or in the OR...imagine the looks I get when I whip off my shoes to try on a sock! (But I usually end up with requests like "can you make me a pair?") As for SCS vs. SSS, I think you need Freud to figure that one out! :)
Marking on your foot to check sock length is unusual? I never thought about a tattoo...good idea, Miriam!

As for the other...well, I think it would make life more fun, but that's just me.
Imagine the Google hits you're getting right now.
Is normality determined by percentage? Why is it that many people think the knitting thing is "weird" and knitters are "kooky", then they see Julia Roberts doing it and suddenly it is a fad?

See, they're just clueless. Suddenly you're going to tell me that carrying odd balls around just in case you need to do a provisional cast on is abnormal.

If you knit a third sock, it could be re appropriated into a willy warmer. Or you could make a pair of willy warmers...
Yep, definitely understand. My cow-orkers are always casting me those "what a freak" glances as I try on half-knit socks and hats and whatnot. Oh well.
Scribbled on my foot a week or so ago. Felt like a genius about it too. So yes, we understand.
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