Thursday, March 30, 2006


Houses of the Holy

Or, in fact, the holy shit.

We saw the inside of the house I want today, and it's big, big, big! Were one a more-discerning and less-demerolled member of society than am I of late, one would have been able to deduce this from the fact that the outside of the house is big, but well, there ya have it. You make do with what you've got and now and again you get a nice surprise.

Three bedrooms, two bathrooms, big kitchen, big living room, seemingly some sort of attic but I don't know if it's much good for storage, a nasty dank spiderwebby garage (that my daughter thinks she's going to sleep in) and ... a great big well-lit linoleum-floored workroom that would be ideal for a rabbit with a huge stash of wool and a great need to wash, dry, dye, spin and weave it.

There would be room for the loom AND two wheels (yes, I'm getting a second shortly) and my knitting machine (sacrilege!) and bla bla bla bla bla. And a beer fridge, of course.

I still don't think we'll get it but it can't hurt to keep an unrealistic dream going a few more days, can it?

On the boob front, as it were, I've been in very little pain today and have had no need to medicate. (No need does not necessarily mean no urge but I digress.) My boobs are now both pretty much the same shape and size (which is really nothing to write home about but it's certainly a little more consistent than I've been these past few months). The colour, however, is ... um ... I don't know if there's a word for it. I think purple/red/plum sort of covers it. With some blue. And scabs. And steri-strips. It's pretty cute, I'll tellya. Thinking of taking it on the road.

Ya think a line of greeting cards would fly?

"Rabbitch and Her Technicolor Wonder-Boob"

Ooh, can I come on tour and be a roadie?

Lucy wants you to know that she has her eyes crossed in support of you getting the house!
Fingers et al still crossed for the house....glad the boobage is recovering.
Sounds like things are healing nicely and in technicolor. Of course you know I encourage dusting off the old knitting machine.I am having a bit off difficulty knitting totally crossed.
Sigh... I want a great big well lit linoleum floored work room too. For my lathe and table saw and drill press and the bench grinder I've asked my brother for as a birthday gift and... Well, I'll just keep various appendages crossed for you and live vicariously.
Maybe we could all chip in and get a torpedo painted to look like your boob. ;)

I'm getting much better at typing and knitting with all my fingers crossed.
A beer fridge in the fibre room sounds like a dream come true.
Oh man I am so sorry I haven't been here to hear the news. I am so glad everything went well. Glad to hear the wash cloths are pouring out again. What, no green?
I'll keep things crossed about the house.
I don't know about the greeting card idea, but I think a "Rabbitch Boob" colorway would be a splendid idea AND a big seller! Yes!
Yes! I second Franklin's idea!
I could totally knit up some socks in the "Rabbitch Boob" colorway. Warm happy thoughts and all praise the Flying Spagetti Monster to help with the house.
The house sounds wonderful. Just what you need. I will think good thoughts for you. And it's good the healing is going so well.
"Greetings from Rabbitch's Purple Boob!"


Continuing to cross various things for the house!
Best wishes for house and healing! I'm keeping various appendages crossed for you, which makes it a little harder for that evil hand-spinning impulse to have its way with me. :)
I say keep the unrealistic expectations going until they became real.

Hmm. Nice colorway. Interesting name. Maybe a lipstick line too?
I'm with the others, you could use the colors as dyeing inspiration.. red, blue, purple, a little white for bandages. Rabbith boob colorway, fabulous.
Sorry - I`ve been offline and missed the big event. Sad you didn`t get it home in a jar,though.
Get well soon and take care !

I definitely think greeting cards! Oh, and those t-shirts with the naked body on them, that would totally be the ticket! still keeping our hopes up for the house for you baby!
Keeping my fingers crossed for you, babe!

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