Monday, March 06, 2006


First Bobbin

Well, I had a clever post half-written all about the love affair between Romneo and Wooliette, but then Blogger started being a bitch and didn't let me update and really, I've just lost heart.

The first bobbin is done. Thick and thin (mostly thick) singles and the second bobbin of thin singles is well underway. I'm going to spin for another half hour and then fall on my head. Plying will commence tomorrow.

I love this stuff, dudes. Just love it.

Didn't you know that Blogger has a special " Clever Post Filter" that causes it to shut down right after you've created a post that is utterly brilliant? The yarn and your brothers washcloth are both impressive.
I LOVE that color. And the sheen!
Ooooh, that is so pretty! I love the red stuff from a few posts ago too. I can perfectly understand just wanting to wear it everywhere.
Ye gods, that's pretty.
I think I need a closer look at that yarn. Send it on over!
I'm evil.
I'm tagging you for the three things meme..
I love that color. It's so shiny and bright, it excites the magpie in me.
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