Monday, March 06, 2006


By George, I Think He's Got It!

Behold, The Brother's latest run at making a dishcloth.

Ain't it purty? I may well have a little competition for the title of Dishcloth Queen in the near future. Pretty damned ambitious for a first project, if you ask me (and look at the tension! I could weep tears of joy. But that would just be weird and get the cotton all soggy.)

The pattern can be found here, for anyone who's interested. I'd like to join him, but tonight I have a date with a little tencel ...

... and my utter bitch of a wheel. I'm going to keep her (sort of have to after all this time) but I've broken it to my husband that I'm getting a second one. I'm thinking an Ashford Traditional. I don't know if it'll be my long-term wheel of choice but they're plentiful and very inexpensive when purchased used.

Oh, come on. You didn't really think I was going to stop at one, did you?

(truth ... I have a hankering in my heart for a Great Wheel at some point *g*)

OMG that tencel looks just yummy. That has to be my all time favorite color. The bro's dishcloth looks great too. I remember fighting that pattern like crazy the first time I did it. hehe
wow your bro is doing a greeat job!!!.. I love the spinning you are doing!! What kind of wheel do you have now??? I saw someone spinning on a Majacraft Gem and now I am dying to have one... ( repairs or wheel....Hmmm....)
I had no idea that spinning wheels were like potato chips. 'Betcha can't eat just one!"
Thank you for the encouragement and exposure. I can't wait to finish the dishcloth! But then it means that I have to learn how to sew to finish it off..poo.

the brother
I love that dishcloth pattern. But I got my pattern from Creative Knitting magazine (their um, december or winter or holiday or whatthefuckever but it wasn't the recent one.) and at any rate, have it memorized and have made at least 6 of em. They're so fun! And it took me until the last 2 to figure out how to properly finish it off! But it still turned out round.
Don't know if anyone has mentioned it yet, but wheels are much easier to deal with if you adjust the pull-in tension (either lighten up the tension on the scotch tension or double-drive...whatever you have). I find that if I aim to have the tension so that it barely pulls in when I release the spun yarn, that I get the best results. The idea is that you don't need to be "fighting" with your are the one in control.
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