Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Bloodied but Unbadgered

The badger is gone.

I had the day from hell yesterday, starting with the daughter waking up barfing at 2:45am and continuing with emergency barflaundry, several more barfages, and then ME getting the flu also. Almost cancelled the surgery but I said to hell with it.

I was feeling fine by the evening so I made the right decision.

Badger was taken out this morning and I was up and knitting within an hour of the surgery. I'm pretty sore, badly bruised, and about to get seriously stoned (yay for Demerol) but I'm fine.

Couldn't see the house yesterday but it's rescheduled for Thursday at 3. I'll try not to be too high when we go to see it ...

Thanks for all the good wishes. I'll be up on my feet, spittin' and cussin' in no time.

You may now uncross for the surgery. Keep everything crossed for the house. I'll keep you posted.

Glad the surgery went well, legs and fingers crossed for the house. I can't manage to cross my toes.
Crossing all appropriate bits for the house. Glad it all went well today and thanks for checking in with us.
Whew. I can pee again.

I'm glad you're ok and could knit so soon. Looking forward to details. Were you awake?

Oooo, very very sorry about the barfing. The word makes me nauseous. Worst part of parenting ever.
Woo Hoo! Yay- I'm glad that the de-badgering went well and that they gave you some good prescription drugs for the 'after' part. You'll be sailing the high seas again soon Captain McBoobySling!
WOOOOOO! Happy un-badgering!
I'm sorry you had such a crappy day yesterday. Lots and lots of good wishes for the house
Sorry about the barf, but that's great news about the badger. Did you get to bring it home in a jar?
Yay the exorcism is complete! I'm still doing the mojo for the house ;-) ...bonnie
Oh, man, I sooo hope you didn't bring the Badger home in a jar. Ewwww.

Crossing what I can cross for the house. :)
Glad all went well! Enjoy the buzz, and worry not-- I'm taking care of the Universe's Daily Quota of Cussing for you!

Oh yeah-- GoodHouseKarmaGoodHouseKarmaGoodHouseKarma!!
Everytime you lose a badger you gain a house. I'm sure I read that in the rule book.
So, what did the badger weigh in at?

Speedy recovery and good house getting vibes.
*burns incense and chants*

good luck on the house. please don't show a pic of the badger, ok? so, enquiring minds want to know, how many cup sizes did ya lose?
Yay for the de-badgering! Demerol is good, m'kay?

Still crossed in all the right places.
Thanks for stopping by to let us know the badger eviction went well. Enjoy your stoning.
Demerol is your friend - enjoy while you can - they pull the plug on the good stuff all too soon.
Glad you're ok. We were worried sick.
Uncrossing everything for the de-badgering...

Phew! Click out the kinks a bit...

Recrossing everything for the house!
I'm glad to hear that it's OVER. And Yay for Demerol! Yay for stoned knitting!
And just how am I supposed to do Prayerful Dances of Good Omen with all appendages crossed? Never mind -- just picturing it should help happy you down from the Demerol. "And all shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of things shall be well."
Woo hoo!!! Yay for no more badger! I'm still crossing for the house.
I'm happt to hear that the badger is gone. Hooray for that! Let's hope that the house goes well too.
I know this makes me gruesome, but I wanna know how much that thing weighed when they took it out. I know they measured it.
Does it feel weird? Or is that the drugs? Huh? Huh?

As for the rest - I can't say it aloud for fear of attracting a malign fate, but yes, sending all good juju your way.
yay! sending you all good post-badger healing vibes and of course luxurious new house vibes...
Glad to hear that the badger eviction went so well and we'll all keep whatever crossed for good luck on the house. Hope your wee one is feeling better, too.
Glad to hear you're badger-free and high as a kite. That's the best part of surgery.

I have drawn the circle and placed the sacred stones--the house will be yours within days.

PS: my verification word was "ayrks" which is the sound I would make if a badger was removed from my chest.
Good to hear your surgery went well - sending you get well vibes.
Glad the surgery went well and that you're able to knit after it. Sorry to hear about the barfage (love that word). Hope your daughter's feeling better now. Will keep everything crossable crossed that you get the house!
I'm so glad the surgery went well! I hope your house acquision will go equally well! With a little bit less barfage thereof, one would hope.
Glad to hear that the badger is gone. I'm keeping all crossed for the house!
Oh, you need to go here:
Bwahahahahah! Your drugs will even enhance the effect.
Very happy to hear the surgery went well. Yay for boobies sans badger!

My cross-eyed nekkid dancing continues; let me know when you move in.

The Slackarse
Happy de-badgering. I'm not quite sure I got the whole story on that.. looking at that last comment ;o)

but anyway, best of luck on the house, and best wishes to you and your little one on that rotten flu bug!
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