Tuesday, February 14, 2006



Mommies aren't allowed to have favourites.

But I think spinners are.

The colour is closer under natural light. Yum.

And now, to work, to tink three rows and take another run at it. Up to row 43 (or back to row 43, if the truth be told).

Updates tomorrow.

Love that color! It's so sleek and deep and rich, a bit like the lovely kitty on the right.
Yum indeed! That photo is total eye-candy!
Separated at birth?
Is that a TONGUE? Is that cat licking that wool???

Yesterday kidlet and I got a little dog in a parked car to lick our fingers out a 1/32 inch opening at the top of the window.
Yum. High in fiber, anyhow.
This reminds me of the time my sister's female beagle inexplicably stopped in her tracks and started licking the carpet, and I said, "Well, I always thought she might be a lesbian, and now we know."
Just what does it taste like that it tempted the cat?
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