Tuesday, February 07, 2006



I'm trying very hard not to have a cold because, as we all know, the Olympics are just around the corner, and exactly how can one hope to knit for the Canadian Drunken Lace Team if one is too sick to drink?

Therefore I am going to spend most of today in bed, so that the cold I am trying hard not to have will go away.

All I have to offer in the meantime is just a quick post to illustrate some of the hardships we're facing here this winter.

Yesterdays' sky, posted in honour of Sandy:

Isn't that horrible? Aren't we suffering?

Even the daffodils think so:

hello, we are stupid. we think it is spring.

Please note we have had something like 41 days of rain out of the last 45. I'm just posting our brief moment of sun to try to lure all the people I like to come and visit.

I still haven't heard about the house. I called them yesterday and there's still a good chance we'll get it. Keep all fingers and toes crossed for another couple of days, if you would (Lee Ann, you may uncross your legs) and hope for a favourable message by Friday.

Ooh, that would be a good start to the Olympics, wouldn't it? I'd likely be inspired to ... oh, I don't know ... take on a huge project the likes of which I've never attempted before and actually get it DONE in sixteen days. While packing. And finding the money to move.

Oh yes, we're nothing if not sensible around here.

I really hope you get the house. It would be a great personal thrill to me, should you get the house. Perhaps if you told them this, it would make all the difference.
lol - pic appears to be upside down...but perhaps this is for a reason. i thought i would try crossing eyes also for your new home.

Don't worry, there's quite a bit of alcohol in robitussin. And I know you don't drink hard likker, but some people believe it kills germs when taken internally. I wouldn't know, I live in a dry county and therefore I live by the law and do not drink alkyhall.

I've still got my signals crossed in hopes of you getting the house.
Your winter suffering looks like my winter suffering. It seems to have been mild all over the place.

I continue to cross whatever's available in hopes of new house-age for you.
Just this morning I crossed the street for you. Did you know there is espresso across the street?
Sending "get healthy" vibes your way. Sending "get house" vibes your way.

Still giggling about the great daffodil photo caption...
Either that sky picture is upside-down, or you Canadians grow really wonky trees....Still, it's kind of growing on me. Hope you feel well enough to drink soon.....
Um, I already did. Should I have waited?

I could cross them again if it would help, though.

Briefly. ;-)
I don't have anythign witty to say today, but thought I would drop you a comment anyway.

Hey - on the 4th of March, there's a bout in Everett...wanna come?
This cold has crossed the line -
Here's one of my 'I'm not getting this cold' treatments. Run a bath as warm as you can take it. Add 2 tablespoons powdered ginger and get yourself a book and glass of water and jump in! You'll sweat like a pig but i'll still love you!
I'll send you lots of sun and warm (70 today) if you'll just send me some RAIN!!! (We received half of what we normally get last year.)
"How can one hope to knit for the Canadian Drunken Lace Team if one is too sick to drink?"
Drink anyway.
There are snowdrops in the lawn at my local arts centre. The florists are forcing local forsythia, and I got pussywillows from my mom today. How long until cherry blosssoms do you think?
mmm...how can a sky picture be upside down?
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