Thursday, February 23, 2006


Vole Salad Sandwich

I'm not sure if I should be more concerned that someone is googling for the above-noted phrase, that they found this blog through such a search, or that the search returned 529 results.


At least nobody's out hunting the breast badgers yet.

Thank you, everyone, for all your good wishes. I'm sure I'll blog endlessly about the entire process, so nobody has to die wondering.

(remember, "after" photographs go only to those who eat their broccoli.)

And yes, Franklin, I would be hono(u)red to tattoo one of your sheep somewhere unmentionable, although I doubt my very gentlemanly Irish surgeon would be willing to ink me. It would take a braver woman than I to ask him. Perhaps I'll wait until after I heal and get some nice lady to do it for me.

Because after all, I'm quite sure that more needles in my body is going to be high on my list of things to do right after surgery.

Hmm, perhaps in the fall.

I've often wondered how those weird searches land people at my blog too.. but I am trying not to think too hard about it.
Someone googled that? Ick. People scare me sometimes. Really.
So glad to hear your badger is benign but surgery is surgery so will be thinking of you.

Needles do not belong in bodies. They belong being held by hand filled with stitches. But a Franklin sheep tattoo is kind of tempting.
so so so glad to hear the badger is benign. But get that the hell out of your body! I'll be thinking of you. I'm not gonna eat my brocoli, but hopefully you can overlook that fact when handing out after photos :-)
*goes to the store to get some broccoli*

Heh, just ate broccoli for lunch...

I got a tattoo around a mole biopsy scar that bothered me and I'm very happy with the tattoo - it was the kanji for "good luck," but I recently got it modified to the kanji for "joy."
Oh tell me you'll blog about the tatooing process too, if you ever do it. Please? You can even get into video blogging. (I'm sure we can rent you a vidcam.) Check out how this guy did it. (February 10th entry.) It'd be a knitverse first and make a great souvenir for Franklin.
A Franklin tattoo would be awesome.
Hey, I havea tattoo, and it's kinda old and needs some sprucing up! I'll go with you if you decide to get one - we'll just piss them off by laughing too much, but no matter. It hurts, sure, but not as much as you expect it to.
You know, between things like "assferrets" and "breast badgers" (or voles), you could come up with a Rabbitch Anatomical Bestiary... now that would make me gigglesnort...
Not that any of us need more distractions, but this site is certainly amusing. I have the candy hearts kit on my shelf... :)
When I worked at the now defunct Lichtman's bookstore at Yonge and Adelaide in Toronto, my favourite mag was VARMINT HUNTER.

I mean, who wouldn't love Varmint Hunter? You could write an article This Month.

Keep on keepin on, babe.
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