Friday, February 10, 2006


Streppin' Out With My Baby

Well, my baby doesn't have strep throat (yet), thank FSM.

I, however, do.

I find this very amusing since, as we all know, I am not sick. Not. One. Little. Bit.

If I had just used my Murpny's Law Calculator I would, of course, have been able to predict this.

I'm going back to bed. Y'all are just going to have to start the olympics without me. I'll cast on later tonight.

Send antibiotics.

Do antibiotics go well with wine?

Get well soon!!!
Ick! Oh honey, I'm so sorry. Sleep lots, and feel better!
We will knit on in your honour. Sleep and heal. We'll still be here when you wake up. (Feel like you're being stalked?)
Feel better!
Throw me your needles and I'll cast on for you........really! Just toss them down to chicago, north side, near the zoo.........
Ouch! Sleep lots, and remember that strep is one of the best reasons to choke down massive amounts of painkillers I've ever had. And no matter how many times I had it, my baby never did, thank FSM.
Damn! (I'm practicing for the Swearing Festival)
Well fuck. (I'm going with Patti to the Swearing Festival. I've bought swearing shoes just for the event.)
Hope you'll feel better soon! Best wishes from Austria!
Get well soon and watch the Olymipcs. I`ve just been watching the luge - how CAN they do that?
See, there are things worse than strep throat. Sliding down an ice track on a plastic tray at 80mph is one of them.....
Hope you feel better toots. I think I have the same "I am not sick".
I think I'm getting it too. It's contagious over the net? How annoying.

Antibiotics? I thought brandy was the cure-all.
Ugh... painkillers are your friend. Hopefully, the antibiotics will having you feeling better in a couple days.
I have a different "I am not sick". Mine lives in my sinuses, it's not much fun either...

Feel better soon.
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