Friday, February 10, 2006


Still Not Sick

It's amazing how sick I am, what with this great lack of sickness that's going around.

My uvula (no, that is not a dirty word, look it up) has swollen to the point where I am really having trouble swallowing. Not so good when you have the sort of gag reflex that I have. Let's just say I've discovered that even when your throat is half blocked, it is possible to be quite sick.

I am, therefore, on this Day of The Knitting Olypmics Upon Which I am Not Sick, going to commit the almost-unheard-of act of going to the doctor.


If they kill me, Ann gets first dibs on my stash, except for the Merino/Tussah roving, which goes to Juno.

If they just lock me up for a while, I will expect you all to show up to spring me loose. I work in two hospitals. No way am I staying in one for any length of time!

Don't worry, Rabbitch, if they capture you, i'll help spring you loose. Hope you are well.
I have it too... gosh how can one person get so sick so fast.... hope you are feeling better soon too!!! My dr's appt is at noon and It can't come sooner!!! Woo hoo!
I hope you are up for the knit olympics. Get well.
Oh! There's nothing as sad (but cute) as a sick bunnyrabitch - get well soon!!
Hmm, since you just willed your stash, you might be stuck for the duration...

Hoping it's neither mono nor strep - my coworker's daughter has both. At the same time. That should just not be possible.
For a nominal stash fee, I will bring the grappling hook should you get captured.

I hope you feel better soon!
about damn time you took yourself off to the doctor, missy. Ask for the good drugs, and please share.
I want the egg-yellow stuff :)

PS - have some exciting news. NEed to tell you.
If this is not sick, maybe sick would be better. Be well.
Hanging around sick people will do that to you!
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