Saturday, February 11, 2006


Report from The Trenchmouth

Or the trenches. Or whatever.

Despite the depredations of disease taking their toll on my delicate form, I managed to rally, as I knew my teammates were counting on me, and would not be able to forge ahead without my glowing example.

I therefore gathered The Kick-Ass Scarf Pin (from Designs by Romi via Ann) as an inspiration, lined up my amazing baby alpaca/cashmere yarn (courtesy of Ann and Jen):

and proceeded to freak out completely.

Fortunately Jen was online at the time and talked me through my provisional cast-on heebiejeebies (dude, that was easy, what exactly was I upset about?) and I am proud to present:

a small tangle of wool

I'm told that all lace looks like a bucket of boiled ass until it's finished and blocked, and I'm just going to take that at face value and keep on going.

I'm actually an inch or so further on from this point right now, and am pretty happy. I mean, I learned the provisional cast-on, learned how to put in a lifeline, and also found a dropped stitch and hauled it up with a crochet hook (I'm sure there's a more technical term but that's what I did) without having to tink.

My years of refusing to take any sort of antibiotic is paying off, as the erythromycin that the doc prescribed is working like a charm. My uvula is back to a normal size and I can swallow again. I assume the drunken portion of the event will commence shortly.

Knit on, dudes.

Yay! She's back!! Obviously the reports of your demise were greatly exaggerated.
I'm glad to see you've returned to the land of the living and are back on the Olympic Knitting bandwagon with the rest of us crazy people. I love the term "bucket of boiled ass"-my scarf looks like a brown blob- and also am understanding how vital a lifeline is to ones sanity while knitting lace.
This is why I don't :coff, coff: knit under the gun.

Your shawl-start is looking good.

Welcome back.
That's one good lookin' bucket of boiled ass you got there. Glad to hear you're feeling better. I have decided to save opening my bottle of Le Freak wine until you're able to indulge again, so lemme know when that happens.
Glad to hear you're taking one for the team and pushing through to your personal best. Looks like you've got about four times as much done as I have; don't know if I'll even make it through the qualifying rounds at this rate.
Hooray! She's back! Nice start on your kiri--I started my Olympic knitting project yesterday, too, and need to get a little further than I have, so off to go knit!
Looking really good !
Nuke the bugs with some Grappa ! You won't feel a thing...from your hair down. ;-]
Bucket of boiled ass--I love that one, even though your scarf doesn't look like that at all. Glad you're feeling better.
Oh sweetie so glad you are feeling better. Your knitting so doesn't look like boiled ass. Provisional cast on not so bad huh? I may get around to trying it one day. Thanks for the dose of confidence.
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