Saturday, February 25, 2006


Oh Yes, There Will Be Blog

Here we are. 28.5 hours left to go. (I'm pretty sure we had to be done by the END of the closing ceremonies, didn't we? Please someone, tell me that it's not the beginning. That buys me another four desperately-needed hours.)

The lace is going well, however ...

Here we are at Row 100. I'm a row or two ahead of that right now, but this is, essentially, what the shawl looks like at this point.

Pretty, you say? Nicely done with only one visible mistake that only the obsessive would post and circle when the shawl is finally blocked, you say?


Just about big enough for a kerchief, I say.

There are supposed to be 142 rows before I start the edging, according to the pattern as written. The shawl she had was over six feet, so I'm going to knock two of the repeats off; however, this still leaves me with about 20 rows to do before I even face the edging.

It's very tempting to cast off right now, block the sucker, call it The Kiri Babushka With No Edging Whatsoever and then commence with the heavy drinking (none of which has been done while knitting this, which may explain why there haven't been a lot of mistakes).

I feel, however, that I owe it to the team:

to at least attempt to make it to the finish. And, of course, to do some drinking at some point.

I shall therefore have the messiest 28 hours possible, full of hysteria, cussing, and drinkage. Almost devoid of sleep.

Gonna document the whole damned thing. If I can't lead by example, perhaps I can serve as a dreadful warning ...

*rubs hands together gleefully*
Go Rabbitch.. GO!!!
So take it two hours into the closing ceremonies, finish at a respectable row for finishing, bind off, declare victory, steam block it (less time than wet-blocking), and commence drinking.
Make that one and a half hours.
Blocking Is Your Friend!

What looks like a handkerchief now turns into a massive bedspread with just a little water and a few pins.

(Okay, maybe that's a teensy little overstatement, but it REALLY DOES HELP! .. I didn't believe it either until I blocked mine yesterday.)

and really.. who wants to trip over a six-foot-long shawl? ;)

You're Doing Great! (It really does look fab from here. :)
Go Team Rabitch! Go fair Canada! Rah rah and all that! (I cannot hold a candle (or doughnut shaped medal) to your effort).
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