Monday, February 13, 2006


Oh Sure, No Problem!

My bucket of Boiled Asslace is a couple of rows further on but doesn't look much different, so I'll spare you the photo until it's a little more ... um ... buckety or something. (My camera is like 100 years old, or maybe five which is the same thing in digital technology, and I have to be at work in five hours so I might not actually have time to take a photo and upload it anyhow.)

I was feeling quite smug. I mean, there's still miles to go and the chances of me finishing it on time are slim, but finish it I shall, and I'll at least try to make the deadline. Smug, I was, all relaxed and lacy, when I suddenly remembered that my Weaving and Spinning Guild is doing a Hats for Hope or Caps that Care or something for chemo patients and we're trying to collect 100 hats, one from each Guild member. No biggie, you think? Just a brief detour from the Olympic festivities, you say? Even a Rabbitch can knit a simple cap in four hours?

Well, yes, but we're a SPINNING guild, which means that I'm actually supposed to make this from handspun. The only stuff I have right now that's spun up is cheviot, which is way too rough to put against a bald noggin, and some of that merino in Mojave that really, I'm not giving up for anyone no matter how sick they are. There are limits to my human kindness.

I had been meaning to spin up some of that merino/tussah I got last month:

hello, remember me? it's me, rose. why do you never call?

and make a cap from that, but I never got around to it in my copious free time, and I spin at the speed of a snail. I also knit lace at the speed of a snail, and they want the hat in eight days.

Sure, I thought. Sure! I can still do that!

And then my daughter reminded me that she really REALLY needed me to make the pink socks I promised her with the yarn I got from elann when I discovered I didn't need to order more dpns (one came home to roost, miraculously) and could I just cast them on like maybe today.

And she's only five (and desperately acquisitive) and she's my only kid and I did promise. And I'm quite frankly proud as hell that she values my handmade items so highly (I couldn't get her to give her teacher a dishcloth I'd made, because she wanted it for herself so badly).

So yeah. I'm going to see if I have enough dpns left over in the right size (my second sock is still on the needles, looking at this moment like nothing more than a fancy hand-knitted cockring for a gay rhinoceros -- the rainbow colours, you know) and cast that on at work tonight.

So yeah, repeat after me:

I. Can. Do. All. Three. At. Once. (I'm counting the spinning and knitting of the cap as "one" otherwise I'd freak out.)

All of them. Really.

I'll just stop sleeping, that's fine.

No problem.

Carry on.

ps for those who are wondering about a) the illness and b) the house ... The illness is much improved. I'm no longer contagious and I can swallow again, which is a good thingie. The antibiotics are vile and I'm having to bribe myself to keep taking them, but I shall, never fear. The house is still "on hold". I am calling the poor man at the District office every Monday to remind him that I want an answer and it needs to be "yes". He's giving me some mumbo-jumbo about possibly having to give the house to some special interest type person who needs housing, but we're special fucking interest, dammet! I didn't actually say that to him but I just might if he's still being wishy-washy next week. And hey maybe I won't get my house but did you see who did? Run over there and cheer for them or something! They deserve it.

mmmm.. that merino/tussah looks so good I just want to reach into the computer and steal it. Its a beautiful color too. Have you asked around to see if anyone has enough handspun to make another hat lying around that you could trade/buy/steal? My only handspun isn't soft enough for a chemo hat and there isn't enough of it.. otherwise I'd offer to knit a hat up and send it to you.
If you don't have a quick and easy hat pattern already in mind.. I'd go for the London Beanie. I can whip one of them out in about a day or two even while being hounded by my munchkin.
Oh, goody, lots of angsty knitting. Let the games begin!! ;)
You are soooo bad! A fancy hand-knit cockring for a gay rhino.... that mental image will be in my head for some time now - thank you so much!
I am sorry that I lack the imagination to have ever imagined 'boiled ass' before I found you but i am quite sure that I will be having frightful dreams of rhinos running around with rainbow strings adorning their genitals for some time, now. This is a huge relief as i can now count my blogging time as education. I'd go for a late night with merino tussah because she looks like she might feel better than sleep.
Rabbitch, you live in an interesting world.
You can do it! Or, if nothing else, you will provide entertainment for the rest of us as you don't ;-)
Of course you can do it all at once. That, or you'll go crazy.

Oh, wait....
Awww, socks for your little girl.
I'm with Mouse, I'd see if you can trade/barter/steal already spun yarn. Don't make yourself sicker.. but maybe stress kills bacteria (not for me, for me it feeds the little buggers)
The lace looks really nice, even in bucket o' boiled ass form.
Well, dissapointed as I am that I shan't be inheriting the roving (dammit) I am glad to see you are sounding better.

So you're going to spin and knit a cap, knit a sock and progress on an Olympic shawl - in the same week? That's my girl.
Ah, I see you're knitting the same bucket o'boiled ass that I am, only yours is the teal and mine the pink. Mine's more ass-colored, really. Nyah. Unlike you, I am hating it more every day, but like you I'm determined to finish it, if only to say I did and then never knit lace again.

As the mother of another acquisitive princess-girl, I say do the sock and the ass, leave the hat for someone else to make.
I think I heard someone at the last meeting say that the chemo hats DON'T have to be handspun. They just have to be soft.
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