Sunday, February 05, 2006


Oh Flour of Scotland

I have learned an important lesson. That lesson being, never leave a bright and bored child to her own devices, even if you're very, very tired.

On Friday, just before I worked The Double Shift of Doom, I needed a nap. So, like, people wouldn't die and all while I was at work.

It's really not recommended that you fall asleep if you're monitoring alarms and such, and I was pretty bagged. I decided to be a Bad, Bad Mother, and let Eleanor watch TV and play on while I napped for a while.

When I got up, after nineteen interruptions for the phone, the assferrets upstairs who had blown a fuse (fusebox is in my bedroom), and Eleanor wanting to show me something on the aforementioned because it was just so neat, I noticed a certain disarray in my living room.

Now, I'm the world's third worst housekeeper, so the array has to be pretty fucking dis before I'll notice it, but this was noticeable. You see, there was flour everywhere. All over the floor and the table, etc.

I asked Eleanor about it and she said she had been "looking at the macaroni" when the cats got into the cabinet, and they spread flour all over the place.

I took this at face value as, well, they're knittens and she wouldn't lie to me, right? Right?


Later on after she had gone to the babysitter's for the night I noticed that there was flour all over the top of the TV, the TV cabinet, the ledge by the front door, and on my wheel (and the wool I had been spinning). There was no way that the cats could have done it. Well, I suppose they could have gotten flour in all of those locales, but certainly not in the configuration in which I found it.

I confronted her the next day and said that I wasn't angry about the flour, that I understood that she had been bored and that she maybe thought it would look pretty, like snow, if she spread it about, but that I was very disappointed both that she would hurt my wheel and my wool and, most of all, that she would lie to me about it.

We had a good long talk and she agreed that this wasn't reasonable behaviour, and I promised that I would arrange a playdate or get a babysitter if I needed to nap in the future. We agreed that if that wasn't possible, that she still wouldn't cover the house in flour.

I didn't discover this until today:

This is my ceiling. I guess she stood there and threw it up at the ceiling and then watched it come down.

I'm clearly a lousy disciplinarian, because all I could do once I saw it was gigglesnort madly.

I wonder how the hell she thought I would believe that the cats could do that ...

Magic flying cats. DUH.
LOL. Ok, I got a few funny looks here at the office because that last pic just cracked me up. Reminds me of the time I tried to help my Mom with the laundry. Forewarning, check your dryer! LOL.
Those cats must have had a wild party while you were napping!! I'd better lock up my flour since I've got both a small child AND a cat. I'm totally amazed that the flour actually stuck to your ceiling too.. those are some talented cats.
I couldn't help but laugh myself silly! For you see, I did a very similar thing when I was little. Except it was scented powder. My Mother took pictures and it continues to be a favorite picture to pull out when anyone comes over. It is maddening now, but you'll laugh about it later :)
LOL! My Stinkerbelle decorated my rec room with a mixture of baby powder and water (bad, bad, combination) over the weekend. It must've been something in the air. I refuse to look at it since the rec room is the only room in the house that I like. I'm taking my husband's word for it and I'll go downstairs again after he cleans it up. Otherwise I'll cry.
Everyone knows that cats are not constrained by gravity.
Very impressive application of flour by cats or a small child.
I think it got up there after she tossed one of the knittens up hoping to shake the flour free of it's fur, you know, so they wouldn't get busted, but as you know, when you throw cats up to the ceiling they will cling to it. So that's how it got there!
Laughing and ruefully nodding... if you go to this page, we have had similar experiences - and like all good Mothers >grins< I never stray far from the camera....

The joys of kids and gloss paint
Franklin and I got tomato soup on the ceiling once. It had to be repainted (the ceiling, not the soup).
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