Sunday, February 26, 2006


Little Light, Shining ...

There is still a tiny glimmer of hope that I shall finish this shawl in time, but it's flickering, babies. I've been knitting all night and my hands are frozen. Going to bed for a few, and of course I'm hanging with my kid tomorrow, so there may be some helpful interference there.

I told her I had to have this finished for Sunday at midnight. She asked why. I said "Well, there's this thing called the Olympics ..."

She stopped me right there and looked at me aghast. (Her only exposure to the Olympics has been watching all of the swimming and diving events in the summer Olympics.) She said, "you have to swim with shawls on?

I do believe that the IOC will be receiving an outraged letter. In crayon.

I'm just flattered that she thinks I'm still Olympic competition material.

You OWN that shawl -- and you're SO going to finish today! Rope your kid into the cheering section and put her to work on a Go Mum sign. After she takes Jacques Roges to task, that is.
If, as I suspect, your title has a Kate Bush connection, I am even more in love with you than I was yesterday, and I hadn't thought that possible.

Get Missy Moo working on that letter. It'll keep her busy while you knit.
I am not going to finish. I'm hardly even going to work on my Olympic knitting today, since I've got to write the paper that's due today that I put off all week in favour of, you guessed it. . . Olympic knitting. I sort of selfishly hope that I'm not the only one who doesn't finish. I'm rooting for you though; you can do it, you're almost there!

I totally would have finished if I'd just been willing to drop out of grad school.

Also, I think your fan base might push a cow through their birth canals if you took that shawl swimming. . . think what the chlorine would do.
My Kiri is blocking. I made it smaller, as my MIL is a petite woman who would look really ridiculous w/ a 6 foot shawl. Can't wait to take a pic of the completed project! Keep up the hard's worth it.
I suppose if I work until midnight I might finish, but it will be close. Having sick kids and sick me all week has really put a dent in my knitting time.

After some weeks I'm finally delurking. I got over here from Franklin's blog, and thanks to the two of you the phrase "boiled ass" has become a regular part of my vocabulary!

Good luck finishing!
The good news is, the edging goes really quickly. So you can do it, just stop knitting on the pattern rows about 3 pm, knit the edge, and block it fast!
*cheering* go rabbitch, GO! I'm still cheering for you too...
OK Rabbitch! Just two days ago you were gunning for that finish line and sucked a bunch of us in with the enthusiasm.

You can't back out now. I think now would be the appropriate time to screw whatever you have to the sticking point (probably just totally massacred that, but you get my meaning) and FINISH THAT KIRI!!!

Fellow lace knitters of the world are behind you!
Go, Bunnie, Go!

I am closing in on the re-knit of my hat.

Of course you can do it.
I love the swimming with shawls image!

Hope you've finished, or are about to...
Knit like a bunny! Then get down here and we'll all wear our pretties and have tea like civilized people - until we open our mouths.
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