Friday, February 17, 2006


I Have Learned

This has been a Learning Week, Ch├ęz Lapin.

I have learned:

That I can knit lace, indeed
That 60 rows of lace is still only 15% of 160
That 50% of my time to complete 100% of the lace is gone
That Blogger is a total bitch and won't let me post pictures
That if I am short of lace-knitting time and also need to spin and make a chemo cap, that I will spin something entirely different, which I would be showing you if Blogger wasn't a bitch.

If and when a picture of an almost-full bobbin of red merino shows up, that's what I spun this week.

Oh, here it is:

My husband has learned:

That if a little boy in kindergarten punches you in the nuts, it hurts

The Kindergartener has learned:

That it would have been better to punch another kid rather than a great big man, because the other kid would have just punched you back instead of speaking to your daycare worker, your teacher and the principal, and you more than likely would have just had sore nuts instead of having to write a letter of apology when you can't even spell your own fucking four-letter name yet (yes, his name IS a four-letter word)

I have also learned that I have the attention span of a housefl...

That is awfully pretty yarn you spun. I can see how it led you astray.

*buzz buzz buzz*
It's too early in the morning to think it all the way through -- but 80 rows of lace would be half-way through 160 rows, i.e. 50% (any big job gets easier when you've got halfway), so 60 rows _must_ be more than 15%.


things I learned: rabbitch is indeed hilarious. very.
Blogger is a total bitch and getting worse lately! I can only do one photo at a time and sometimes can't even do that! It drives me crazy..then again, it's free
The merino is gorgeous.. well done. I've learned that knitting lace really pisses me off and stresses me out - even though I can knit it.. I don't really think I want to. Looks like we all learned alot during the Olympics.
ok, so which is the 7 pairs of sock yarn that you're holding for me?
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