Saturday, February 18, 2006


German Trains Run On Time

Amtrak, not so much.

I worked last night, as usual, 10pm to 6am, staggered home, had a fast bath (because I was cold and we no longer have a hot water bottle, that prized item having been stabbed to death with a steak knife by my beloved daughter -- don't ask) and got my butt into bed around 7am. I was awoken about 9:15 by my buddy Gaile telling me that she couldn't get a train ticket to come visit me today, and again by the same culprit about 20 minutes later, telling me that somehow her dear boy had talked the ticket agent into releasing the last, "secret" train ticket into her posession.

Slept until 11:20 or so, got up, grabbed some motley collection of clothing and barrelled out of the door. I had told her I would meet her by noon at the latest however, hampered by a last-minute return to the house to get the camera (I am a blogger, you know) and some unexpectedly heavy traffic, I pulled up outside the train station at 12:15. I was all freaked. I'm always late for everything, everyone knows that, and she had brought tons of knitting with her but I still felt like a total twat for being late to pick her up from the 11:40 train.

Around about 12:30 the train finally arrived (the security guard told me that it had actually come in at 2pm one day this week) and finally it was time to get this party started.

isn't she the cutest thing ever?

First up I took her to a nasty skanky building full of tables of used crap. Fortunately we both love flea markets. She got some Canada tattoos and we perused many unuseable items. She got a great picture of a stuffed assferret, though. Watch for it on her blog!

We then went and had The. Best. Lunch. Ever. at The Naam (I highly recommend the Avocado Cashew Enchilada).

The Naam isn't known for speedy service, so that took up a couple of hours of our day, but we still had time to go to Urban Yarns. Fantastic store, organized by manufacturer rather than colour, and we spent quite a long time fondling the glorious merchandise. The staff was helpful, pleasant and welcoming. I've seldom had a nicer experience at a yarn store. Gaile spent some time discussing her desperately funky scarf (and not the bad kind of funky) with the staff, and I had a conversation about how alpaca silk will call your name and make you take it home and how, if lace won't cooperate, it is just best to leave it in the car in the cold for a few hours to reconsider its position.

I was adopted by some Fleece Artist Merino sock yarn:

Isn't it pretty?

It's going to be something for someone who reads this blog, so I won't mention it again until it's done and gifted.

Of course, buying more sock yarn made me think upon the sins of so many other bloggers who are driven to excess by the yarn of the sock.

Cari, for instance, clearly has a problem, being in possession of enough yarn to make thirteen pairs of socks.

I, fortunately, am free of this obsession.

the pink is for my daughter and the blue is for a friend whose birthday is in March. it will soon be gone from my home. if a yarn is earmarked for a project, it is not stash yarn.

this was sent to me for xmass by Rachel H, who also sent the Regia for the pair that is on the needles right now. it will be socks (for me) before the end of the year. gift yarn that is earmarked for a project is not stash yarn.

this is some Lorna's Laces in the Black Watch colourway which was sent to me by Rebecca. Beside it is some amazingly beautiful superwash merino to spin that she got for me at some giant wooly slutfest last year. the LL will be socks for me before the year is out. gift yarn that will be knit up this year isn't stash yarn.

And, of course, there's the incredibly lovely handpainted sock yarn that I got from Patti. (She does lovely work. If you want some run over to her blog and order it, she has a few colours left).

prize yarn is never stash yarn.

Clearly, I have no sock yarn at all and anyone who thinks I do is a little mental.

You will note there is no picture of the Olympic knitting. We are having an "issue" at the moment. I will work all day tomorrow at a job where I really have nothing whatsoever to do and I'll tink and reknit Row Fucking Fifty Nine for the fourth time.

There will either be a picture of success or an official acceptance of defeat in this spot tomorrow night.

For those who actually know how to knit, carry on sisters and brothers. Carry on.

*cough* That's enough for THIRTY pairs, actually. *cough cough*

Yes. I have a sock yarn problem.
'Adopted' by Fleece Artist sock yarn... Hm... I like that. I must use it. "Oh no, I didn't BUY that Fleece Artist yarn, I was Adopted by IT."

Yes. That'll work. Heh.

Darling one - please sleep soon. I'm getting worried about your overall lack thereof. S'not good for you.
I think I'll wait for another day before admitting defeat. I was concidering looking up exorcisms online and seeing if there was anything about "demon possessed lace" that could help us through our problems. Its definitely not US.. it must be the lace demons.
Thirty pairs? Hmm. I've sort of avoided calculating how many socks I could make from 1.5 33 qt tubs filled with sock yarn.

What a fun day! Nice break from the Olympics. I now have a desperate craving for an Avocado Cashew Enchilada (despite never having tasted one before).

Here's to your eventual triumph over the diabolical Row 59.
I like the way you think ;0)
What stash yarn?

Sending you good KO vibes ~~~~~~~~~~~
Clearly I need more sock yarn. If you have that much and it's not stash, then the 6 small balls I have (two of which were thrust upon me in someone else's de-stashing efforts) are hardly worth mentioning.
Ooh...Fleece Artist sock yarn - some reader is crazy lucky. That stuff is heaven.
adopting yarn, love it
if it's earmarked for a project it's not stash. Oh dear I have a lot of stash than. Must construct plans for what I have so that I have a reason to increase the now non-existant stash. Yes, now that's a plan!
Oh dear, that's all the sock yarn you have? I feel that I must go stash-diving into my entire closet full and send you some to stave off yarnstarvation...well, maybe not...
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