Monday, February 20, 2006


A for Effort

And F for accuracy.

It would seem that Miss Tracey is not knocked up, despite the best efforts of her disgusting little brothers. Tigger has been spotted trying to get somewhere on her back pregnant. He also tried to hump Diamond in the middle of the coffee table last night. My house is lovely.

They couldn't do a spay today due to her having a skin condition requiring antibiotics for a week, but seeing she's not yet knocked up (and based on empirical evidence likely to die a virgin) there's no rush. We'll get her done March 3 instead.

I got shampoo for the other cat's skin condition.

Yes. I'm going to go to work, knit lace all night, go to the doctor (about me this time) in the morning and then come home, give Tracey an antibiotic pill and then and wash 16 lbs of uncooperative cat.

I'll take photos right up until the paramedics arrive, I promise.

Omigod, you have to shampoo a cat. I will sacrifice some pasta.

We have some friends whose (female) dogs attempt to make passionate love to their (female) cat. Sweet mystery of love! (can't you just hear Madeleine Kahn?)
Heh. I have a pup who is going to get snipped sometime soon. He hasn't tried to knock up either of the cats but it's only a matter of time. If he does, the fixing will become moot as he will be without most of his vital organs.
Wow, sounds like you don't even need TV at your house...

*settles in and gets popcorn ready for exciting, albeit possibly bloody, cat bath photo shoot*
There are worse things that cat bathing. My job, for example. Deep sea diving without a shark cage. Septic tank cleaning.

Omigod, the last time we bathed our Cleo she was 9 months old. It was such a traumatic event we had to go to the vet for tranquilizers and penicillin afterwards. For us, not her. Although the vet did say it would be best not to try it again. It took Cleo 4 years to forgive us for it.

Good luck, I'll be waiting to hear who survives.

Hold them by the scruff of the neck at all times, and don't let the water get in their nose or mouth. Other than that, pray to Jeebus, or dog, or whoever.
I don't have cat, but I'm wondering - couldn't you just kinda tie it to a blocking frame or something and then just dip it in the water a coupla times?

(I'm KIDDING! I'm KIDDING! Put the bat DOWN!)
Oh you poor thing - not a B-A-T-H. The last time I had to bathe my cats was about 20 years ago when in a fit of good will and stupidity adopted a mature female from the pound. She brought home a multitude of yucky stuff including ringworm which my sweet Shadow cat and I both got....baths with medicated shampoo for all was required several times. Boots, the adoptee, struggled through the baths, ripped my denim shirt to shreds and proceed to pee on my books when my back was turned. As this happened each and every time she was bathed I am certain that her actions were deliberate and spiteful. She was not impressed and neither was I. Thankfully we got through all the crap and enjoyed her for another 16 years. Good luck, wear a heavy shirt, make sure the bathroom door is shut tightly and sedatives sound like a good idea!
What a visual....I hope all works out well.
Is there any other kind of cat?
You don't need a blocking frame - just squirt some dishwashing soap into the toilet, put the cat into the toilet and quickly close the lid and sit on it. Flush several times to spin wash and rinse. Open doors and windows and release clean cat.
- Barb's dog
No, BAD dog!! I just HATE IT that she's learned to type!!
- Barb who LIKES CATS
Does Barb's dog do dishes?

Poor kitty. Poor Rabbitch. But think of the stories the paramedics will get to tell.
bathing cats while monitoring their sex lives ..... Rabbitch, you must drive them wild at high school reunions!
I learned this trick from a place in Portland that lets you bathe your pets like at a carwash:
Put the cat in a mesh drawstring laundry bag, fastening the drawstring around the neck. The cat is pissed, but so busy trying to rip through the bag that you can do a very quick shampoo and rinse before they either make it out or start pooping.
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