Friday, February 24, 2006


The End is Nigh

All righty! Less than two days to show the world what we're made of.

So, all you knitters who are sitting there looking at your bucket of boiled ass, weeping that you can't get it finished -- now's the time to make a choice:

Are we going to skate around in circles, a la the Canadian Men's Hockey team, with as much sense of direction as had the Israelites in the desert, pee our pants and go home, or are we going to buckle right the fuck down and get KNITTING?

I know which one I'm choosing.

To hell with the house, the dust buffalo will still be there on Monday. Your kids can wear the same clothes (repeatedly), and your husbands/wives/SOs can fend for themselves. That's what fast food is for!

Come on, Olympians! Mix up a jug of Carnation Instant Breakfast, put it in your beer helmet so you don't have to stop to eat, and knit like your fingers are on fire!

Well, not literally on fire. Especially if you're knitting with acrylic 'cause it'll just get all messy and melt, but you know what I mean.

See you at the finish line, babies. You can do it!

As can I. Really. Shut up.

sorry, hon, i'm gonna skate in circles and pee my pants. too much flu going around here, and i can't catch up. i'm still on square 9. of 15. sigh

good luck to you, though
Yeah - I'm with dragon. Theres no way in HELL I'm getting the hellfire wrap done.

I did, however, finish half of another fingerless glove and most of my Odessa hat tonight.

What can I say - I'm a bowl-wearing knitting whore. Who's watching a retarded movie right now and I think I'm going to vomit.
Ick. Carnation Instant Breakfast. I'm not sure it would be worth it! Besides, you still have to get up to pee occasionally, so you might as well snag something from the fridge on the way back...
I'm with you babe!

Get those fire hoses ready, cause I'm burning up the Helen's Lace tonight!

Wooooo-Hooooo! I'll be looking for you at the finish line!

Just cause you said so!!
No time to chat..
I've got knitting to do!
That frog pond mishap really set me back....
Buttons! I can't believe that freakin' BUTTONS are going to be my downfall!

Wait, what's taht, glittering provocatively over there? Little _gold_ shank buttons and little shank-button pins?? Well, alrighty, then.

If the letter carrier lets me down, I WILL STILL TRIUMPH!

Off to finish the matching cap. . .

Pee my pants, indeed!

Philisophical differences with my cardi Tuesday night which resulted in a frogging incident on Wednesday night and passing out early Thursday night screwed any chances I may have had. Like the fall the ice dancers had it didn't break anything, but kept me out of the final competition for a medal.

So I choose sleep. I am not worthy. But I will be rested and able to enjoy the closing ceremonies party tomorrow! :o)
Seven Hundred and Twenty One Stitches. That is how many I frogged last night. Seven Hundred and Tweny One stitches is how many I knit after my bedtime. Did you know the guy from the Drew Carry show has a talk show? He's much funnier after your third beer. No relation between beer and frogging - it was fuel for the repair work. 37 rows to go (3811 stitches - because you needed to know) gold is in sight.
I will totally fucking finish my sock if I have to stay up all night and knit all day tomorrow. Because it is stupid to not finish a sock.
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