Monday, February 06, 2006


Drunks and Fools

Some say that The Deity takes care of drunks and fools, and this is a good, good thing as, it would seem, I am both.

Behold a picture of the tiny, tiny knittens (14" Addi Turbo Straight needle included for reference).

The little black cat in the front, yeah, that one, the one that is at least twice as long as the needle -- that's Diamond the Chinese Cat. The runt of the litter. The one that I wouldn't let the shelter have because he was so tiny and he'd be all without his mom or sibs and be so sad.

I think I told the tale of when we got him, but I'm too lazy to look back, so just in case I didn't, here it is again.

We were going to get one kitten because Eleanor wanted one so bad. Sasha isn't really a "kid" cat -- she's sweet as hell with kids but she's a big old tattered alley cat. She's a scrapper, not a "kitty" and she really prefers adults. She's at least 15 lbs, it's hard for a little kid to carry that much cat.

Ben agreed to one kitten so Eleanor chose Tigger, but Tracey the tabby was so heartbreakingly beautiful I had to have her too. The mommycat went to my friend Caroline and the other two greys, a boy and a girl, went to the brother of the woman (my stupid and evil babysitter) who had the cats originally.

Diamond was supposed to go to another girl, but when we phoned her to tell her we were bringing him over, she was "busy watching a mooooovie" and couldn't take him. Even though she was at home and we were taking him to her door. And then she was going out, and then she was too drunk, and then she was too hung over and blablabla. I finally said no way was he going to her, and it was a good decision, as last I heard she had taken up with some truck driver 20 years older than her and was travelling across Canada with him in his truck, presumably blowing him all the way. If you hear of a horrible truck crash somewhere on the prairies, you now know what caused it.

So this tiny little forlorn runt stayed with us. He is now 30" from nose tip to tail end and he just turned seven months old.

Some runt.

I think he's gonna make it. You?

I will never forget the day when I picked him up and realized he weighed more than a pound and looked at my husband and said "Oh fuck. All of these are going to turn into cats, aren't they?"

I have had cats all my life. I got my first kitten, Tinsy, when I was four years old. I know what happens to kittens, and yet I chose to disregard it.

He's never going to let me live that one down.

Let me tell you about how we got Miss-Mouse-Who-Was-In-Charge.

We went to the shelter where we lived to get 2 kittens (2 kids, 2 kittens. No brainer!)

Kid the Younger wanted a "spotty cat." It was spring. Kittens were stacked to the roof. There was NOT ONE SINGLE SPOTTY CAT there. So, while we were attempting to convince him to take a lovely tortie (he did, she became Brownie), Son the Elder was busy falling in love with a small (tiny, very sick) dilute tortie.

Long story short: We took both home, and prayed (yeh, I did that back then--it was a long time ago) that the little gray would survive until our Monday vet appointment.

She did, and the next 18 years is history.

Welcome to the wonderful world of Ownership-By-Cat.
Hee hee. My cute little black fluff ball turned into a lean and chaotic house panther who can stand on his hind legs and fish items off the counter...
Delurking to say thanks for sharing - your kitties are beautiful. We just lost a cat a few weeks ago who we adopted with her sister 6 years ago. They came from a litter of six borne by a 6 month old street cat found by a family friend - they all should have perished. Our friend took them in, bottle fed the wee ones, had mom spayed and found homes for all the babies.

We named ours Thistle & Maple - representing a portion of our family background. Thistle was feral, high energy, slightly crazy and mostly my daughter's cat. Maple is more of a slug, more of a cuddler. Both are much loved and Thistle is very missed - I'm getting weepy as I write this, sorry.

So "fuck" yes they will turn into cats and they will give you love and they will break your heart and it is so worth it.

I hope your cats live long and healthy lives and that you are proud of the lives that you have saved. Be well,
Cats are almost addictive, aren't they? We've only had our second for about a month, and I've already caught the words "we should get another cat!" coming out of my mouth.
Ha ha. You have four cats!

And if they have four cats? And their four cats have four cats and so on and so on........

Hey are any of the 3 little ones musical like Sasha? I refer of course to the drunken bagpipe incident.
They're lovely. I can see why you had to keep them. Damn, I've got to move to a place where I could keep pets.
You never know. You might get the elusive Eternal Kitten one day.

They're so cute, and I love the How Diamond Came to Live With Us story. Maybe because of his almost momma.

Did you watch the Puppy Bowl half time yesterday? Kittens! I won't say how long I watched the damn thing.
What's so cool about kittens, is when they turn into cats, they usually turn into companions, satisfied with just being and sharing their mellow with you. I heart my cat...
Your Diamond looks just like our Mew, who is still tiny. She was the runt of a litter born beneath my office building last year and still half-feral, but incredibly funny and moderately possessed.

I've told you the story of Wilbur the Amazing Deaf Cat, haven't I?
Sometimes I wish I could have a kitty, then I voice this out loud in front of The Husband who gives me a shrivling look for, low, he is deathly allergic to kitties. :(
I am digging the sleek grey fellow in the back. Yes, those kittens fool you every time, don't they? They all turn into cats, and we all forget that simple fact.
I just read the previous entry about the flour. I think I've finally found a kidlet story that can keep up to the Harlot's account of her four-year-old nephew's visit. Not this year's visit as a gentlemanly five-year-old. Last year's. Look it up. Your daughter has a potential soulmate.

Pretty Tracey. You definitely have an eye for cats.
Oh dear. You and we are suckers for the felines. Moved into the house with one adult cat. Three weeks later we added a puppy and three fosters kitties. Three weeks later we added 9 more foster kitties. After months of insanity, including two weeks for 4 kittens that were just over 2 weeks old (bottle feedings and a load of laundry a day just for them!) we have settle with one pup (about to turn 1 year) and 5 felines total.
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