Monday, February 27, 2006


Coming Out of the Closet

Or at least the kitchen cupboard.

is all the lace-knitting and cussing over yet?

You will note that there are very few clean cups left, and no glasses except for wine glasses. This is what sixteen days of illness, work, and olympic knitting can do to a usually well-stocked cupboard.

I won't be showing you what the counter and sink look like. Apparently my family have been living on microwave popcorn and fast food for weeks now, and have lost the ability to throw out their own garbage. I don't even know if the garbage can has made it to the curb the last two weeks ...

There are potato chips in my carpet. Clearly when the only responsible adult in the house goes on "vacation" she needs to hire someone else to take her place rather than assume that the person who is over six feet tall and who also lives in the house will pick up the slack.


I'm sort of hoping there's room in the cupboard there with Tracey ...

Since there aren't any cups left, I think there's going to be plenty of space. Good planning to leave some wine glasses, as long as you remember to take some wine with you.

So, your family went feral on you?
There's room in my kitchen for ya!!
What impresses me is how sparkling clean the shelves appear to be.

Yeh, where are the little flecks of stuff that I see on my shelves?


I love the cat in the cupboard. That just totally cracks me up. I remember ours doing that...drove the other adult member of the household NUTS....did I care???nah...what? it's only a cat!!
The wine glasses are always the first ones to be dirty at my house...which come to think about it, might explain a few things.

Perhaps you could train the cat to be your substitute grown-up?
I say finders-keepers, put your yarn in the cupboard!
What an expression! Heh, she looks like a serval.
I'm recollecting a movie in which unwanted or otherwise USELESS person (s) were deposited in cupboards. That's an option you haven't mentioned.

You're all set, Rabbitch - drink tea, coffee, and wine - that's all.
Lost the ability to throw out their own garbage? They had the ability?
when we run out of mugs, i can always count on the other human in the house to pick up the slack. if we run out of coffee, it's on my head.
Is that poor cat reduced to finding nibbles in the china cabinet?
I hate to say it... I also forgot grocery shopping... The food is literally all gone.
I did , however NOT run out of coffee
Where oh where oh where is Rabbitch? Where oh where oh where is Rabbitch?

OK, enough with the kiddo songs.

Email me, woman.
One can drink from a measuring cup. Grab the handle and pretend it's a stein.
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