Sunday, February 12, 2006


Bucket of Boiled Ass, Anyone?

Important lessons learned today:

a) It is difficult to knit lace with a knitten on your lap
b) It is not impossible
c) The lifeline is your friend
d) I can find a missed yo and pick it up on the next row instead of tinking
e) My bucket of boiled ass is starting to look like lace

f) Lace is, so far, easier than I thought it would be, and it's a lot of fun
g) My definition of "fun" and that of a normal person may differ
h) I am glad I don't know any normal people.

Up to row 30. Behind where I hoped I would be, but the first repeat is done, and already I've planned the second shawl I'm doing.

I'm still sick but there's a good chance that nobody will be inheriting my stash. This month, at least.

Stay tuned for exciting updates as they occur.

Be warned. Lace is addicting. hehe I absolutely love the color of your shawl.
Hmm, lace indeed - very nice.

Must see picture of kitten.

Heh, when I read the bit about no one inheriting your stash this month, I had a flash to these two sayings:

Original: She who dies with the most stash wins.
Revised: She who dies with the most stash is DEAD. When's the estate sale?
Looks great so far! Hope you're feeling better. Come check out my boiled ass when you get a chance.

There will be no estate sale until I have cherry-picked the good stuff.

Just sayin'

wow.. it looks so different from the last picture- you can actually start to see the pattern now. Lifelines are definitely your friend.. I've got one in place in my lace just for sanitys sake. I think I'm starting to like lace knitting too.. hmmm.
Looking great! I've been toying with the idea of a lifeline for the baby blanket I'm working on as it's lace, knit from the center out, and can be rather confusing at times but hey, I'm adventurous! I too learned to just pick up the yarnover when I go around again - saves major frustration.
Glad you're feeling a bit better. You bucket of boiled ass is looking lovely indeed.
For a sick and dying woman, you sure are doing a pretty good job with the boiled ass. Thank the FSM that you're going to be around for a bit longer. I'd miss your posts and irreverance.

And what about the house, Missy? Inquiring minds and all that.
This bears no resemblance whatever to ass, boiled or otherwise. Pretty damn good trick, juggling lace and a cat. You should be on David Letterman.
You can rescue the missed yarnover on the next row? How how how? I'm doing Kiri too and I blow right by one of the little buggers every other row. It's making me mental!
I will never be able to look at my shawl the same way again. Boiled ass, who would have thought? Yours is looking lovely.
I am glad you are better, really I am. (said as I unpack for the trip to your house)
mmmmm...boiled ass is my favorite!

Looking good. Really.
Lace is hypnotic, and it just seems to make sense.
I'm more daring, or lazy, or foolish: no lifeline.
Did you actually say boiled ass? That might be the greatest thing I have heard / read in at least three days. I'm definitely going to have incorporate that into future conversations. Sweet.
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