Sunday, February 19, 2006


Alas, Poor Yorick

I knew him, Horatio. But not as well as I knew Row Fifty-Nine after tinking and re-knitting it about eleven hundred times.

Yorick, as a matter of interest, is also dead as a doornail, just like Row Fifty Freakin' Nine.

Dead. Completely deceased.

Ripped, in fact, just as soon as I remembered that I had put a lifeline in right after completing my very good friend, the Astonishingly Perfect Row Fifty-Five, in case of just such a mishap.

I'm pretty sure stupid people shouldn't knit lace, should we? I have almost no chance of making the deadline, but I'm going to keep on going, because, you know, the drinking and all.

there's not much of it but it's perfect.

And I would like at this point to announce that tomorrow is A Very Big Day for Miss Tracey.

fixed? but i'm not even broken!

The boys get snipped middle of March. That'll teach the little bastards to rut all day and night in my laundry pile.

(I'm a spoilsport, aren't I?)

I don't think it's stupidity, since I know full well you're smart - but the drinking....well....but hell, that scot stubborness will see ya through!
Um, mayhap the drinking is related to the troubles with Row 59?! ;)

Poor little guys. That seems like extreme punishment for playing in the laundry pile. What happens if they do something truly wicked?!
I'm knitting a stocking and garter stitch cardi and I have no chance of meeting the deadline. But I'm citing illness. Ya, that's it. I've been sick. cough. cough cough. moan.
I'm thinking we need the knitting special olympics...
Put in stitch markers between each and every pattern repeat. I know, it's a bitch, because you have to re-do them every single stinkin' row, but it beats tinking the same row ninety-seven times. Trust me on this...I started putting in markers and I actually started making progress on the thing. It's slow going, but at least it's in the FORWARD direction, which is all I care about.
I have just discovered this week, thanks to a very soft acrylic sweater I left lying around, that snipping boy kitties does not prevent them from wanting to hump. I'm still looking for a good therapist for my sweater. But at least after the fixing and snipping, all that laundry pile rutting won't result in unwanted kittens.
At least you got to row fifty-friggin-nine. I couldn't get past row 0 for the longest effing time. Yeah, that's right, row 0...the set-up row for the back.

It really does look beautiful. Hope that row gets it's ass in gear and knits up right for you. And all that yarn from the previous post, yummy. So if by your rules, things earmarked aren't stash, then I have no stash at all. Does this mean I can legally buy tons more?
Oh my gosh, you have no stitch markers! After reading Judy's comment I had to go and look at your picture again to truly believe it. did you get as far as you are without stitch markers?
People swear over here a lot more than elsewhere. It must be catchy.
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