Sunday, February 26, 2006


2010, Anyone?

Well, I got my first note of commiseration for failing at 3pm. This came as a shock, as I had understood that we had until the end of the closing ceremonies, and the person in question was about nine hours ahead of the game, but perhaps I should have taken it as an omen.

No way I'm finishing this year, babies.

I suppose I could pretend I was in Hawaii, thus buying myself two more hours (and an almost certain finish) however that's just not going to happen.

You see, a) I'm not in Hawaii and b) I have realized that although this pattern is simple, attractive and well-written, when it came to the edging, the pattern designer obviously stopped writing it herself, and let an Orangutan on crack take over.

I don't know what the charts are like, seeing I can't read lace charts, but the written instructions for the edging are completely wacked. I mean ... in the first repeat you're supposed to do this, that and the other thing until 12 stitches from the centre stitch ... and then repeat it all, including the "until 12 stitches from the centre stitch" part. Dude, I don't know about you, but I actually only have ONE centre point on a line.

I know some folks think we're completely wacked for bothering to do this and some are even quite disparaging of our attempts, but it was pretty important to me, and I'm disappointed.

Anyhow, that being said, it takes more than a failed shawl to keep a Rabbitch down. I'm going to tink the five or six rows of the edging that I got done, add two or three pattern repeats so it's a nice big shawl like I had been hoping for in the first place, and then hire someone who speaks Orangutan to figure out what the hell is wrong with the instructions for the edging.

And for now? Well, all of that beer I didn't drink while trying to make lace is calling my name ...

Anyone up for another attempt in 2010? (The 2010 Olympics are in Vancouver. I'd sort of have to finish for those ones.)

hmmm, I didn't finish my lace either due to injury....2010 eh? yeah i could keep my boiled ass till then.
Valiant effort!
So sorry you didn't finish and after such a great effort. But your daughter thinks you are an Olympian and so do many of your readers.

I can't read lace charts either, my brain freezes when I look at all those little squares and squiggles and sh*t. I'm sure we will learn one day but it would be better if you weren't gunning towards a finish line.

I'm tired of people making disparaging remarks, who the hell do they think they are anyway? If you don't try you'll never know and I think alot of "those people" will never know anything except for how to put others down! So there!!!!

Enjoy your beer, be well
It was a noble try! You deserve the beer.

"To be in a minority of one does not make you mad." - George Orwell 1984. And you were definitely not in a minority of one!
Cursed Orangutan designers!
I was pulling for you Rabbitch! It was quite sad at the finish line without you.

2010 for sure! And we'll check your patterns for Orangutan design elements well before hand!
If the Orangutan made a chart, and you can send it to me, I'll write it out in normal knitter for you....

I think those whose success was stolen away but sudden shifts in pattern writers (or even in pattern clarity), but who came SO freakin' close, deserve silver medals.

As a self appointed member of the IOC, I herebye grant you one.

I can't blame my pattern writer. I was the designer, and I hadn't written it down... I was figuring it out and figured wrong...
Sorry to hear about the written instructions and the Orangutan. The charts were all written by the same being, although I won't say if I think it was a human or an Orangutan or an alien. Then again, after several beers maybe you _will_ be able to read the charts? close! It'll be nice to have the time to make it bigger like you wanted though. Just a a little careful with the size. Mine grew a LOT after blocking.
2010 it is!!!! I didn't finish my Olympic project either...oh well... we are just like Bode Miller....

I checked Babelfish and they don't have a Babelfish translator... probably because all the orangutans are too busy peeing on each other.....
If you'd care to scan the one lace chart for the blog (along with the key) or send me a scan of it, I can probably decipher it for you. I'm one of those people that actually LIKES charts.
It will still be a beautiful shawl, with or without edging. I say you earned gold.
Were you able to figure out the edging? I was all f-d up on that too, since I was reading the written pattern, not the chart. Figured out that your are still supposed to begin and end the shawl w/ 3 knits. Duh!
A great effort dear. Maybe in 2010, we can all come to your place and have a knitting marathon there? Hmmm?

Take care of yourself and just shove the boiled ass in the corner for now.
If I could pick a blog queen to sit next to and proudly proclaim myself another lace attempt gone freaking insane and back again - I would be fuzzy all over to be next to you.
I'm sorry you didn't finish but I'm glad you decided not to frog the whole shawl after you worked so hard on it. Go have a beer ( or 3) you deserve them/it!

I'd also nominate you for a silver medal- I'll make a damn button for it, after all.. I love making buttons and you deserve something for getting through this project.
2010! I'm there. Clean off the couch.

And you guys ROCK! You hired a quadriplegic MAYOR! We hire people like Arnold Terminator . . .
Oh, sweetie, I'm sorry.

But, you have a gorgeous shawl and a devoted fan club. 2010, all the way!
Citius, Altius, Fortius, Knittius, Drinkius, Strepius, Cussius - I think you had the full Olympic experience.
Just started reading your blog recently (linked from Franklin's), and you are such a great read.

As for the Olympics, I didnt finish either...but why do we have to wait for 2010? Cant knitting be a summer sport, too? The items might be smaller, at least.

I'd join you, but I just promised people they could slap me if they heard me committing to knitting on a deadline again.
If you want to pass the instructions for the edging onto me, you know I'd be happy to decipher, over beer.
Sorry hon. We know if it hadn't been for that damned monkey, you would have finished. I do believe that particular monkey's uncle wrote my edging instructions too. Not that I was that close to finishing. I just happened to read through the instructions first. Well if I just keep on knitting, I may be finished by the 2010 Olympics.
Sorry to hear about the orangutan-designed edging. Probably you would have finished if not for that, so you did damn good. You should see mine: about 1/6 of the crocheted one, and maybe 3/8 of the knitted one. I'll be lucky to **finish** them by 2010!
Ha, just adjust your interpretation of closing ceremonies - finish by the end of the Paralympics, baby, you've got till mid march that way!
You did not fail. The Olympics are not over. You get a few extra days handicap. You work nights (good for at least two days delay), you were ill (good for at least one day per illness day), you did not strangle anyone (good for as long as you need). See? You still have time to finish and get gold. And a get-out-of-jail card.
Fucking orangutan!

Just looked at the directions and the chart... that is one lame assed way to right an edging. Let me see if I can explain it as I'm reading it.

Row 1: k3 -- Knit 3

* yo, k2, skp, k1, [k1, yo, k5, yo, k2, sk2p, k1] repeat until 12 stitch from center stitch, -- this is the stuff you'll repeat a few times until you get to 12 stitches before the center stitch of the entire shawl,

k1, yo, k5, yo, k2, skp, k2, yo * -- these are the 12 stitches before the center shawl stitch

, k1, -- Knit 1 (the center stitch)

repeat *to* -- repeat all the repeatable stuff inside the asterisks

Hope that helps. :)
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